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Mayor Hancock hit the ground running as Denver’s 45th mayor on July 18, taking immediate steps that ultimately will deliver a world-class city where everyone matters. In their First 100 Days in office, the Mayor and his Administration have made community outreach and public input a high priority, holding and attending more than 130 community events and meetings. The Mayor and Administration have advanced a proactive agenda focused on four key areas, while also solving problems and providing strong leadership on urgent and emerging issues.

  • Mayor Hancock's First 100 Days in Office: A Report to the Community - FULL REPORT
  • A Letter to the Community - read
  • A Letter to City Employees - read

Top Four Priorities of First 100 Days:

  • Bringing fiscal sustainability and responsibility to city government.
  • Driving private-sector economic growth and job creation.
  • Improving education and opportunities for all kids.
  • Restoring public trust and confidence in the Police Department.

Major Accomplishments of First 100 Days:

Economic Growth & Job Creation:

  • Named an all-star team of economic developers to craft a strategic job-creation plan for Denver. Team members include new Director of Economic Development Paul Washington, Director of Development Services Kelly Leid, as well as top advisers such as Tom Clark from the Metro Denver EDC.
  • Helped land a new flight from Denver International Airport to Iceland on Iceland Air, which will provide a low-cost portal to and from Europe.
  • Engaged well over 200 CEOs and business leaders in a dozen roundtables to identify challenges, find solutions and take advantage of opportunities. Focused on supporting small and start-up businesses and ensuring fair competition.
  • Initiated planning for an international reverse trade mission that will bring new investment and economic growth to Denver. Hosted leaders from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe to begin strengthening international business relations.
  • Stood with the business community to oppose Initiative 300 because it places Denver in an unfair competitive disadvantage.
  • Launched Denver Seeds, which will grow a fresh-food economy and make Denver one of the most sustainable cities in America. 

Fiscal Sustainability & Better Government:

  • Launched Peak Performance, a new strategic initiative that will make City government more efficient, effective and customer-focused.
  • Appointed 12 Cabinet members – diverse leaders who will bring a new spirit of customer service, collaboration and innovation to City government.
  • Engaged employees in a meaningful way through personal visits to departments, roundtable meetings, email, suggestion boxes and one-on-one meetings.
  • Submitted a fiscally responsible and balanced budget to the City Council on Sept. 13, laying the groundwork for tough choices in 2012 to eliminate the City’s $30 million to $50 million structural budget imbalance.

Children & Education

  • Launched the Denver Education Compact, an unprecedented initiative that formally brings together the City, DPS, higher-ed, business community and nonprofit sector to improve the educational pipeline from cradle to career.
  • Endorsed candidates for DPS Board of Education who will advance reforms and improve education in every neighborhood for all children.
  • Participated in nearly 30 education-related events at schools and other venues, ensuring that children and education remain in sharp focus.

Public Trust in Public Safety

  • Named Colorado Supreme Court Justice Alex Martinez as the new Manager of Safety.
  • Launched a national search for a new Chief of Police.
  • Visited with officers at all six police precincts.
  • Proposed $5 million in efficiency savings by implementing a Strategic Resource Alignment Plan within the Police Department.
  • Held neighborhood forums, provided suggestion boxes, created an email account and met with community leaders to build trust between the public and the Police Department.

Problem Solving on Urgent & Emerging Issues:

In his first 100 Days, the Mayor and his team have also addressed a number of urgent and emerging issues, including:

  • Occupy Denver
  • Denver Zoo death
  • Downtown homelessness
  • Possible 2022 Olympic bid
  • National Western Stock Show
  • Departure of DIA South Terminal architect
  • Redevelopment plans for the old CU Health Sciences Center site
  • Neighborhood concerns about plans to widen I-70 east of Downtown
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