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Education Access

In keeping with terms of its franchise, Comcast Cable also makes available to the City and County of Denver an educational television channel for use by Denver Public Schools. This channel is operated by the School District and is currently used for Distance Learning activities.

The Denver Public Schools Distance Learning Network stays at the forefront of Distance Learning (the delivery of education from a remote site and the delivery of public information and services). With this combination of methodology and technology, the network, using Channel 22, seeks to expand and enrich the human potential with emphasis on students, staff, and community in such a way as to empower lifelong learning.

Higher Education   . . . . Channel 54 originates from the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver. Focused on higher education, it serves as a communication service for three institutions. The Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado Denver all share this urban location.

Programming includes academic learning, local history, informational postings and student productions. Channel 54 features a weekly student production called the MetReport. This news and entertainment broadcast offers both English and Spanish editions.



Denver Public Schools Distance Learning may be reached at:

Visit the Distance Learning Web site for more information. 

Auraria Channel 54 . . .

The Auraria Media Center is located on the Auraria Campus at 1100 Lawrence Street.

Mailing Address
Auraria Media Center
Campus Box Y
PO Box 173361
Denver CO 80217-3361

Main: (303) 556-2426
Fax: (303) 556-4544