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Mayor Hancock's Inclusive City Message


My friends and neighbors,

Our country is in a time of transition since the election a week ago.

I know many of you are feeling uncertain, anxious and, yes, even fearful with this change. I hear you. I have received your emails and phone calls. And I appreciate our candid conversations out on the street.

We have all heard the unwelcoming and dangerous rhetoric of recent. I want to be clear that you can count on me and you can count on your city. We’ve got your back.

Denver will never sacrifice the values that make this community great – inclusivity, openness and a penchant for succeeding together.

To uphold these values we must protect and lift up the very people we hold dear – you – our residents.

  • We will remain resolute in our belief that love is love in the eyes of the law.
  • We will never stop empowering our women and young ladies and will treat them with the equality, respect and dignity they deserve.
  • We will strive to keep our immigrant families together and provide them opportunities to achieve and succeed. 
  • We will focus on being a happy, healthy and safe place for your children to grow up.
  • And we will always reject discrimination based on religion, race, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity.

As your Mayor, that is my commitment to you. I’m committed to these values that make us the welcoming city we all love, and I hope you will join with me.

Because we should expect the best of ourselves, even in the hardest of times.

Join with us now and plan out how you are going to support your local organizations, help uplift your neighborhoods and give more of yourself so that we show our children the power of an inclusive and open city.