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Salvaged Vehicle Titles


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Denver Motor Vehicle Branches Closed

To protect the health and safety of our community and limit the spread of COVID-19, Denver’s motor vehicle branches are closed to the public until further notice. We are only processing online registrations at this time.

You can renew online, but if your registration requires an in-person visit, the city is providing a grace period for expired registrations through June 26. Denver Police Department will not issue citations for expired tags during this time. For extra peace of mind, you can obtain a letter from the state to keep in your vehicle at

Many transactions can be completed online including:

  • Vehicle registration renewals
  • License plate or sticker replacements
  • Address updates
  • Some vehicle registrations.

New tags will be mailed in approximately 2-3 weeks and you will receive a letter to keep with you in your vehicle until they arrive.

To learn more about current Emissions Testing, visit our Emissions page.

To learn about guidance for New Vehicle Purchases, visit our  Register a New or Used Vehicle page.

photo of vehicles in salvage yard

Applying For a Salvage Title

There are several Colorado State laws governing the resuscitation of a totaled vehicle. Visit the State of Colorado website for more details. To transfer the title of a vehicle that once existed into a salvage title, download the Application for Salvage Title (PDF) form on the state's site and complete all required information indicating why the vehicle is no longer roadworthy.

Once the form is completed the state will issue a salvage title. Possessing this title allows you to sell the vehicle without making any repairs, but the new buyer will need to get a salvage title in his/her name.

Convert Salvage Title to Regular Title

There are several steps in acquiring a Certificate of Title for a salvage vehicle that has been rebuilt and made roadworthy once again, but still holding a salvage title. 

Please Note:

When selling the vehicle you must fill out a Rebuilt from Salvage Disclosure form (PDF) each time the vehicle transfers ownership, which the new buyer will bring to the county motor vehicle office when transferring the title.


Motor Vehicle Locations, Hours, and Wait-times

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Looking for Driver's License Info?

Denver County Motor Vehicle Offices Do Not Provide Driver's License Services.

Driver's licenses, ID cards, and driving records may be obtained at state offices only.
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Rebuilder's title for collector's vehicles

Vehicles which have an early date of manufacture and also possess historical design and collector's item value may be eligible for a Rebuilder's Title. Learn more on the State of Colorado website.