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NDCC Community Spotlight: Birdseed Collective

If you haven’t heard of Birdseed Collective, it’s time you take a look. This past Thanksgiving, Birdseed Collective provided food for 60 families in north Denver, totaling 2200 lbs. of food at a cost savings of $7,238.  That was just one of 39 days this year that Birdseed Collective has distributed food from the Globeville Community Center. In total, the nonprofit has provided 39,563 meals to 420 people in 2017, saving their program members $169,039. Each quarter, Birdseed Collective has tripled the number of participants it serves, making it an indispensable component of the community’s health.

Birdseed Collective didn’t get its start in food donation. The organization was started by local artist, Anthony Garcia Sr. to help young, up-and-coming artists get a start in the competitive, often not lucrative, art scene. Birdseed Collective hosts monthly art shows out of its Alto Gallery located in the Berkeley neighborhood. It also partners with Denver Parks and Recreation’s MyDenver program to offer art classes to youth every Tuesday out of the Globeville Recreation Center. 

Food awaits to be distributed to Birdseed Collective members

You can help support the work of Birdseed Collective by attending one of its monthly art shows or by donating food. To learn how to help, contact Kristina Garcia: 720-329-1606 or