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National Western Center Selects MIG for Campus Placemaking

Earlier this month, the Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center announced it has selected the planning and design firm MIG, Inc. for the Campus Placemaking Study and has begun contract negotiations. This people-centered approach to the planning, design, and management of public spaces is the next step to further develop and advance the adopted National Western Center (NWC) campus master plan.

MIG will be responsible for refining the framework for all development on the campus, creating links between the campus’ focus areas of entertainment, experiential learning and research, and agribusiness. Over the next 3 years, MIG will deliver program refinement for phases 1 and 2, a campus-wide public realm study including a cultural plan, campus and building design standards and guidelines, public engagement, and 30% site infrastructure design for phases 1 and 2.

“This fully integrated approach to moving from the adopted master plan, which generally organized the site to a level of specificity that details spaces between the campus buildings and their relationship to the adjoining neighborhoods, is an essential next step in creating the global destination for agricultural heritage and innovation. There will be no place on the planet like the National Western Center and we are engaging a very talented team in MIG to help us get it right,” noted NWC Executive Director Kelly Leid.