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Community & NDCC Partner for Dunham Park Tree Planting

On Saturday, June 9, the NDCC sponsored a second tree planting, this time in Dunham Park, where 30 volunteers gathered to help beautify and improve the park. The NDCC held its first tree planting event last year in September at Garden Place Academy Elementary school. That program kicked off a semi-annual effort by NDCC to have a community tree planting every spring and fall in the GES neighborhoods.

This time, the NDCC collaborated with Denver Parks, The Nature Conservancy, Denver Forestry, Focus Points, and the GES Coalition to plant 19 trees, 250 perennials, and a new butterfly pollinator to add color, life, and encourage a healthy ecosystem in the park. The trees add more shade to the sunny park and also create more positivity around the neighborhood. Funding for the trees came from Denver Forestry and the Nature Conservancy donated the perennials.

In 2017, Denver Public Works funded a $300,00 playground at Dunham Park, which opened last August. They also funded a $130,000 project to install around 730 feet of sidewalk to gain more access and mobility throughout the park. All these improvements were requested by the community in an effort to restore the park and engage people. This was the final phase for Dunham Park, one of the projects under the NDCC’s GES Neighborhood Plans portfolio.

View more pictures from the Dunham Park tree planting here.