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The National Western Center is a new take on a legendary Colorado space – a future place where heritage of the Old West meets progress of the New West, a space where school children can cultivate food systems while researchers discover food security solutions that will change the world.

Within the future 250-acre National Western Center Campus, people and experiences converge to create a year-round destination that is just as much for the cowboy as for the urbanite. At an intersection of agriculture, education, and entertainment, global thought leaders meet curious students and join local community in a convergence of diverse perspectives and common cultural identity.

Founding partners the City & County of Denver, Colorado State University, Western Stock Show Association, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and History Colorado have worked with surrounding community members, civic leaders, and nonprofits to envision a place that honors and fosters the cultural contributions of the historic Western activities on the site, and enhances the campus to a destination of inspiration and impact. The National Western Stock Show has been a global attraction on the site for more than a century, and the expanded facilities will prepare for the next 100 years of the signature Denver event, and bring diverse programming in water, health, environment, and energy to the site year round.

Join the journey to turn the National Western Center vision into a reality, and discover the West – a place where heritage meets horizon.

About the National Western Center

Vision Statement: Be the global destination for agricultural heritage and innovation.

Mission Statement: To convene the world at the National Western Center to lead, inspire, create, educate, and entertain in pursuit of global food solutions.

Guiding Principles:

  • Community & Neighborhood Integration
  • Engage the River & Nature
  • Celebrate Western Heritage
  • Inspire Health & Wellness
  • Build Cultural Crossroads
  • Be Pioneering: Break Trail & Foster Innovation
  • Create Fun and Entertaining Experiences
  • Grow Local, Regional, and Global Intelligence
  • Embrace an Ethic of Regeneration

The NWC partners and the CAC began its planning process in 2014. Through a public involvement process, a master plan was created and adopted by Denver City Council in March 2015. The master plan is a guide to the vision of this future site.

National Western Center Master Plan
NWC Master Plan Appendices  
Infrastructure Master Plan 

Founding Partners
The National Western Center is proud of its founding partners’ commitment to advancing the mission of the NWC. These organizations engaged through a Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2014. The partners have helped shape the future of the site into an exciting year-round destination.

Existing & Emerging Partners
At the NWC, the partnership opportunities are endless. Here is a list of existing and emerging partners that are working to make the National Western Center a reality.

  • Denver Urban Renewal Authority
  • VISIT Denver
  • Denver Water
  • Colorado Cattlemen's Association
  • State of Colorado
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
  • Mile High United Way
  • Historic Denver
  • Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Department of Transportation United State of America  

If you are interested in learning about partnership opportunities, please contact our Strategic Partnerships Manager Barbara Frommell.

Funding for the new National Western Center Campus (“Campus”) will come from a variety of sources. The total estimated cost for Phases 1 and 2 is $765 million, which is based on the National Western Center Master Plan that was released in December 2014, and subsequently adopted in March 2015. The first two phases of the program include land acquisition, site remediation and initial infrastructure planning, new stockyards and an event pavilion, a new livestock center, a new equestrian center, river activation, improvements to parts of Brighton Boulevard, as well as neighborhood connectivity. The preliminary cost estimate is not based on current detailed design or planning documents and is subject to change.

Colorado State University (CSU) has committed a minimum of $16.2 million toward the design and construction of an Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic on the campus. Additional projects planned by CSU that will be separately funded include a Water Resource Center and an academic building. The State Legislature passed House Bill 15 – 1344 in May 2015 to provide CSU with $250 million of Certificates of Participation funding, of which CSU anticipates applying $200 million toward their projects at the National Western Center campus.

The Western Stock Show Association (WSSA) has committed $125 million to the program, including the contribution of land.

The City and County of Denver has committed up to $669 million for Phases 1 and 2. A majority of this funding (approximately $493.4 million) will come from Ballot Measure 2C, which extended Denver’s Lodger’s Tax (something typically paid for by tourists on hotel rooms and short-term car rentals). A balance of approximately $175.4 million is anticipated to be delivered to the project over ten years from land and asset sales, capital and wastewater funds, federal grants and other sources as available.

Further funding will come from a $121.5 million grant awarded to Denver from the Colorado’s Economic Development Commission in December 2015, as part of a Regional Tourism Act (RTA) submission. The RTA is a program that gives local governments the opportunity to apply for funding of large-scale tourism projects that are unique in nature and that substantially boost out-of-state tourism.  RTA funds will be administered by the Denver Urban Renewal Authority. For more information on the RTA, you can read the application here.

In addition, Denver has budgeted $2-10 million from excise tax revenues annually for capital maintenance at the National Western Center as well as the Colorado Convention Center. 

Regional Tourism Act Application 

There are several studies that have helped guide the master plan process for the National Western Center. The project team expects that there will be more studies in the near future that will identify opportunities at the campus.

NextGEN Agribusiness Economic Development Study (11/10/16)
Executive Summary
One Page Summary  
Watch the NextGEN Agribusiness Forum! 

National Western Complex & Colorado Convention Center Feasibility Study
Full Study
Study Summary
Study Appendix

National Western Historic Preservation Final Report

ME Engineers: Assessing District Level Energy, Waste & Water at the NWC – Sep-2015

Puttman Infrastructure: NWC District Infrastructure Assessment -  Aug 2016

National Western Stock Show Business Plan Review Report - DURA  

Currently, the NWC master plan calls for a 240-acre campus. The Western Stock Show Association, the City & County of Denver and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) own most of this property. The City will need to acquire about 64 acres including private business and residential properties.

To provide uniform and equitable treatment for persons whose property is being acquired for the National Western Center project, the City & County of Denver has adopted the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970. This is also known as the Uniform Relocation Act and all federal, state and local government agencies must comply with the policies and provisions set forth in the Uniform Relocation Act if projects are receiving federal funding. The National Western Center is not currently receiving any federal funds but the City & County of Denver has decided to follow these rules in good faith.

All persons whose property is going to be acquired for this project have been notified. If you have any questions regarding this effort, please contact Katy Spritzer or 720-865-2510.

NWC Land Aquisition Fact Sheet (English)
NWC Land Acquisition Fact Sheet (Spanish)  

The NWC Partners defined nine Guiding Principles for the National Western Center, including the directive to Embrace an Ethic of Regeneration. This Guiding Principle is detailed in Appendix D of the Master Plan, the NWC Sustainability and Regeneraton Framework and Goals, which lists 63 goals for the regenerative development planned at the National Western Center. According to the Colorado State University's Institute for the Built Environment, Regenerative Development is the "process of cultivating the capacity and capability in people, communities, and other natural systems to renew, adapt and thrive." Goals in Appendix D range from the requirement to create net zero districts for energy, waste and water (EER3), to the directive to create programming that supports neighborhood identity, the local economy, job opportunities and economic development (CNI3). The philosophy of regeneration will be embedded in all planning, design, construction and operational components of the National Western Center redevelopment plan, ensuring that the campus is built to the highest standards of sustainable and regenerative design and operated with that Guiding Principle in mind.

Interested in learning more?

NWC Master Plan Appendix D
ME Engineers: Assessing District Level Energy, Waste & Water at the NWC - Sept-2015
Puttman Infrastructure: NWC District Infrastructure Assessment - Aug 2016 

The National Western Center is committed to engaging the business community in procurement opportunities as the project develops. The project is currently led by the City & County of Denver and therefore will follow all existing City processes and procedures for procurement.

For up-to-date procurement information, please visit below:

Interested in having someone from our team present at an upcoming event or meeting? Please download and fill out the NWC Speaker Request Form, then email it to Jeannette Cooper.

The National Western Center is one of six projects in Globeville, Elyria, Swansea, and RiNo through the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC). The NDCC is the strategic collaboration of all projects in this part of the city that include:

For general questions about the National Western Center, please contact us at:

Mayor's Office of the National Western Center  

   Title       Name             Email Address             Phone         
Executive Director  Gretchen Hollrah 720-913-5516 
Executive Assistant  Jeannette Cooper  720-865-2839 
Economic Mobility Director Will Chan   720-865-2576
Portfolio Integration Manager  Eric Shafran  720-865-2903 
Program Director  Stephanie Reed   720-913-8818 
Project Manager David Richards  720-472-2765
Director of Strategic Partnerships  Barbara Frommell  720-913-4024 
Real Estate Project Coordinator  Katy Spritzer  720-865-2510 
Director of Communications  Jenna Espinoza-Garcia  720-865-2906 
Fiscal Administrator  Nikki Holmlund  720-913-5195 
Program COMS Director  Marcy Loughran 720-865-2932

Colorado State University

Title        Name             Email Address            Phone             
Director of Denver Operations  Jocelyn Hittle   303-391-0670 
Director of Denver Communications  Tiana Nelson  303-376-2613 



Founded by the National Western Stock Show in 2013, the inaugrual National Western Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was comprised of 27 members, with significant representation from residents and business owners who live or work within the Globeville, Elyria, Swansea and RiNo neighborhoods. Since its inception, the CAC has met monthly actively participating in the review of the master plan during its development and creation of new zoning for the NWC. 

The CAC will continue as an active community voice as the the NWC Master Plan moves into implementation. 

For Meeting Agendas, Meeting Minutes and other support documentation, visit 

For questions about the NWCAC, please contact Liz Adams at  

National Western Center Projects

For years, Brighton Boulevard has provided a connection to the National Western Stock Show Complex and has been an important corridor for the Elyria and Swansea neighborhoods. In 2015, 30% design was drafted for Brighton Blvd. north of I-70. This project will advance previous efforts and provide 100 % design for Brighton Boulevard from 44th Avenue to Race Court.

Project benefits will include providing improvements on public property (including travel and turn lanes), new curb, gutter and pavement, protected bike lanes, pedestrian amenities, improved utilities, and drainage and water quality improvements.

Learn more about the project.  

Addressing mobility, accessibility, safety, and congestion at the National Western Center are important to the surrounding neighborhoods, campus visitors and participants as we make progress with the National Western Center master plan.  The existing National Western Complex and Coliseum and the future campus will need to be able to move cars, trucks, trailers, and buses in and out of the campus and take into consideration visitors who are walking or riding their bike to the campus.

The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center is currently addressing these concerns through a Parking and Transportation Demand Management Study that will create strategies and recommendations for parking and multi-modal opportunities before, during, and after construction as well as strategies that will increase efficient use of available transportation resources within north Denver. 

Learn more about this study. 

The Mayor’s Office of the National Western Center, in partnership with Denver Community Planning and Development’s Landmark Preservation and the Denver Office of Economic Development has begun a Historic Structure & Public Market Viability Assessment for the 1909 Stadium Arena that started in early fall 2017. To assist with the study and gather local intelligence on proposed uses for the facility, a Public Market Advisory Working Group has been created to serve as thought partners on local/regional conditions and as a sounding board for the project team.

For more informatino, download the Fact Sheet.  



Upcoming Opportunity: Rail Consolidation Design RFQ 

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