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Design of National Western segment for Brighton Blvd. nears completion

More refined design plans for Brighton Boulevard that incorporate National Western Center mobility and sustainability goals as well as aesthetic concepts, were displayed at an open house last month and will soon be finalized. 

Throughout this year, designers at Wilson & Company have been working with private landowners along the Brighton corridor north of I-70 and residents to better define the project right-of-way, map out utility and drainage improvements, design the Brighton bridge over Race Court and identify potential aesthetic elements to help distinguish this section of the corridor from that south of I-70.

This project is primarily looking at the roadway design north of 47th Avenue, since the section of Brighton Boulevard from 44th Street to 47th Avenue is being redesigned and rebuilt as part of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Central 70 Project.    

Last month’s meeting focused on the following three elements not covered at the previous open house in March:   

  • The proposed aesthetic elements for the bridge over Race Court
  • The plan for detouring Brighton Boulevard traffic during construction of this bridge over Race Court
  • The cycle track bypass route to avoid the I-70 interchange

After the design work is done this fall, the City and County of Denver will have a completed design and construction document to use in securing a contractor to build the work. Construction is anticipated to start after the 2018 National Western Stock Show.