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River North is a vibrant community of artists, entrepreneurs, young professionals, and many others. In the past, RiNo was a nerve center for Denver industries-- warehouses, rail, and manufacturing. Now, it is one of the fastest growing and evolving neighborhoods in the city. Apartment buildings, office space, and mixed-use developments like Industry and The Source are transforming the neighborhood. RiNo is expected to be a focal point of the city’s growth over the next twenty years.

In RiNo, the City aims to:

  • improve connectivity to other neighborhoods 
  • zone the 38th and Blake rail stop area for transit oriented development
  • redevelop and invigorate the South Platte riverfront
  • improve pedestrian and bicycle access

 A list of projects can be seen below.

Current Projects

The City and County of Denver’s 35th/36th Pedestrian Bridge Project has been built between River North, Curtis Park and Cole. The bridge connects the 38th & Blake commuter rail station to the surrounding neighborhoods and spans the railroad tracks between Blake and Wazee Streets.

Learn more about this project. 

A pedestrian bridge connecting the west and east sides of the South Platte River at 35th street is currently funded to 30% design. The City is working with the private sector and other partners in the community to move the project forward.


The City and County of Denver’s Public Infrastructure (38th & Blake Station) TOD Project made infrastructure improvements to provide better pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access to the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD’s) future 38th & Blake rail station that is being built as part of its FasTracks program.

The project constructed thousands of feet of new sidewalks immediately surrounding the station and make improvements to the existing Blake Street Bridge over 38th Street, which has been identified by the City and local community as a priority for improving accessibility to the station. 

Learn more about this project from Denver Public Works

Reinvigorating the South Platte River Front is a priority for RiNo.

RiNo Park is envisioned as a recreational focal point for the community and a key entry point to the South Platte Greenway.  It will feature a playground, large grassy area, and repurposed buildings for gathering spaces, among other amenities. Construction of the park is funded.

The park is designed to integrate with the River North Promenade, a linear park that will extend from 31st to 40th St. The Promenade is funded to 30% design.

Click here for more information about the RiNo Park project.


The Walnut Street Corridor Improvement project, headed by Denver Public Works and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC) will begin to organize the street to better accommodate pedestrians and parking between Broadway and 36th Street.

Learn more about this project.