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Economic mobility is the ability of an individual, family, or community to move along the economic spectrum in terms of wealth and income. There are many social and economic barriers, such as chronic unemployment, poverty, and lack of education that restrict or prevent the attainment of positive economic mobility.

Social determinants and demographic information indicate that the communities of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea face barriers to rise in the economic spectrum. As part of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative's (NDCC) vision to build vibrant north Denver communities that are strong, healthy and connected, the NDCC is partnering with city agencies and non-profit organizations to create pilot programs focused on economic mobility.

These pilot programs consist of a series of initiatives for families and individuals in the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods. These initiatives center on education, workforce development, entrepreneurship and leadership, and target youth, women, and small businesses.


  • Create greater equity opportunities for the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea communities over multiple generations through interventions in education, health, housing, and labor
  • Invest in public programs and resources that develop solutions to stabilize families and individuals

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In partnership with Denver Public School's CareerConnects program, the NDCC is piloting a Career Residency program for five high-school students from the communities of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea. This is a three-year, paid residency program, where upon completion the students could earn a high school diploma, enough college credits towards an associate's degree, and a direct pathway for employment.

The Career Residency program brings together formal academic training and practical work experiences. The program strives to provide each student with a well-rounded experience by introducing them to a diverse and comprehensive look at city agencies involved in the success of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative. 

Career Residency positions coming up in fall 2018:

  • Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator

Please consult our page for complete position descriptions at a later time.

Developing skills for the current needs of today's job market and having access to employers are key factors to achieve upward economic mobility.

The NDCC and its partner city agencies are committed to increase awareness, outreach, training and employment of individuals from economically disadvantaged areas, such as Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea (GES), who may experience barriers to acquire necessary work skills to enter the job market.

Through joint efforts across the City, NDCC strives to connect residents in GES with career pathways for their continued professional success.

Adelante Program 

The Adelante Program, a collaboration between the City and County of Denver and the Central 70 Project, is bringing improvements to about 300 homes located within the project's mitigation area. The program is offering interested individuals paid on-the-job training, and affterwards the opportunity to work in implementing the home improvements. Read the details here.


Looking for a career in construction?  Learn more here.




Career Online High School Scholarships

Family at graduation

Providing adults in the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea neighborhoods the opportunity and resources to complete their high school diploma.

North Denver Resource Center at Valdez-Perry Library

Helping seniors with computer usage

Bringing key city services directly to the communities of Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea. The resource center is housed at the Valdez-Perry Branch Library and staffed every day by city employees ready to help residents and businesses. 

Indie/Visible: Marketing Support for Small Businesses

man and woman looking at computer 

This program works with small business owners in Globeville, Elyria and Swansea to help them develop their online marketing presence. Apply now and get the support your business needs!


Strengthening Neighborhoods Mini Grants


Awarding additional support to groups and individuals that provide direct services to the Globeville, Elyria, and Swansea communities.

North Denver Women Who Lead Program

women at meeting

A 12-week program providing women with opportunities and knowledge to build leadership skills.




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