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About Denver Great Kids Head Start

The City and County of Denver offers Head Start services through partnerships with delegate agencies, known collectively as Denver Great Kids Head Start. This collaborative model with five delegates leverages resources in order to best provide services for the children in Head Start. 

Denver’s Great Kids Head Start complies with all federal and City and County of Denver regulations and has a Governing Board comprised of the Mayor, City Council, the Auditor, Career Services Authority, and Manager of Finance.   Program Overview and Organizational Chart (PDF)

Programs and Services

DGKHS provides a high quality comprehensive child development program to eligible children 3-5 years old and their families to prepare them intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically for school and life. DGKHS focuses on the development of oral language and family literacy through ongoing trainings for parents and teachers.

In addition to a high quality pre-school education, every enrolled child also receives:

  • complete physical examination and follow-up
  • complete dental examination and necessary treatment
  • hearing and vision screening
  • developmental skills screening and an individualized educational program
  • daily nutritious meals

  • DGKHS partners with Denver Health and Hospitals to provide on-site nursing support, clinical oversight and consultation by a physician assistant and the Denver School Based Clinics Medical Director.
  • DGKHS educates families about the importance of immunizations, and as a result, 100% of enrolled children are fully immunized.
  • Through the Healthy Preschool Project, families are educated on enrolling in public health insurance and on finding and using a medical home. Parents are trained through the use of an educational DVD to provide peer-to-peer support.

  • To address the need for improved dental follow-up, DGKHS identified Motivational Interviewing, as an approach to motivate parents to make significant life changes towards improved health for themselves and their children by planning follow-up visits and dental care.  
  • Through a contract with the University of Colorado School Of Nursing, DGKHS staff have been trained in techniques of Motivational Interviewing. Oral health educational materials, including a DVD designed to reduce the anxiety of children visiting the dentist, are used in the classrooms and at parent meetings.

  • DGKHS contracts with Sewall Child Development Center to provide ongoing coaching and consultation to teachers and direct services to ensure the successful inclusion of children with disabilities.  All services, including initial referral, diagnostic evaluations, and ongoing service delivery are provided at Head Start sites.
  • Significant efforts are made to teach parents how to become lifelong advocates for their children. This occurs through ongoing consultation and dialog between staff and families, training opportunities, and referral to community resources.  

Mental Health

  • DGKHS provides regular on-site consultation for children and their families, as well as coaching for teachers to assure the healthy social emotional development for all children.
  • Through a grant from the Colorado Health Foundation, staff are trained in the Teaching Pyramid Model and mental health consultants are able to provide over 150 parents with a six-week positive parenting class, in English and Spanish, that is aligned with the consultation that occurs in the classroom

  • DGKHS partners with Nutrition and Child Care Consultants to provide consultation and training for staff and families to ensure that all children have a balanced and nutritious diet at school and at home.
  • Educational materials, in English and Spanish, are provided to families to encourage family style meals at home and provide families with resources to access affordable and nutritious foods.

DKGHS embraces and encourages parental involvement by providing opportunities for parents to receive education on obtaining public health insurance and medical services, attend conferences, participate in program governance with the Policy Council and develop job and leadership skills. 

These opportunities exist through classes and participation in a variety of committees including:

  • Policy Council
  • Health Services Advisory Committee
  • Program Committee
  • English as a Second Language classes
  • GED classes
  • Trainings on financial literacy
  • Positive parenting classes

Vision and Goals

The vision of Denver Great Kids Head Start is to prepare participants to enter kindergarten confidently with the social, physical, emotional and cognitive skills and competencies necessary for continuing school success.


  • Family Centered Services - to develop a framework of education and resources that support linguistically and culturally responsive family literacy strategies for families and staff. 
  • Community Health and Treatmentto promote physical and mental health and wellness for families, staff and communities.
  • Prepared Children - to prepare children within an inclusive environment, in the developmental areas (i.e. social/emotional, cognitive, language development, literacy, and math) to succeed in school and the community.
  • Effective Workforce -  to develop an effective early childhood workforce by building staff qualifications. 
  • Fiscal Integration -  to integrate fiscal understanding and responsibility throughout all aspects of programmatic efforts.  
Staff Contact Information
General Information
201 West Colfax, Dept 1107
Denver, CO 80202
Specific Inquiries
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Policy Council
The 19-member  Policy Council helps steer program activities and must approve all matters concerning Head Start. 
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