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Strengthen your practice. Share your successes! Together, we are bringing more high-quality and critical afterschool programs to Denver.

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Denver has AMAZING afterschool and summer program providers.

The Denver Afterschool Alliance helps organizations strengthen their practice, share their successes, collaborate to expand services and deepen impact through "measurable" youth outcomes.

Evidence shows that the quality of afterschool programming is the gateway to improving youth outcomes.

The Denver Afterschool Alliance established a set of quality pillars. This framework helps organizations focus their e­fforts to support the consistent delivery of high quality programs. It also establishes a consistent language and baseline so we’re all talking about quality in the same way, and reaching for the same goals.

View the Denver Afterschool Alliance Quality Pillars to learn how you can work toward youth outcomes that connect to program quality.

How do programs measure quality?
The Denver Afterschool Alliance is making it possible for more programs to use a nationally recognized approach called the Youth Program Quality Intervention (YPQI) out of the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. This method allows staff, external reviewers and youth to assess a program’s level of quality.

What does a quality program look like? A program that engages youth to participate with activities that build social and emotional skills, creates opportunities to develop leadership skills, and one in which youth are encouraged to help shape the program through choice, planning and reflection.

How can I learn more and get inovlved? The Denver Afterschool Alliance hosts informational and training sessions throughout the year. For more information or to receive our e-newsletter, email

We've proven through the "Demonstration Project" that youth who regularly attend afterschool programs have better school attendance, greater academic success, fewer behavior issues and higher social emotional skills.

Evaluation Reports
Show the impact your program has on the lives of kids! Assessing your program’s impact on youth will position your organization to garner more support, raise funds, attract partners and showcase your program to the community.

  • Track attendance (sample attendance tracking sheet)
  • Upload rosters to the Community Partnership System
  • Supplement your evaluation efforts with other measures that connect directly to your programming.

Learn more about how programs supported by the Denver Afterschool Alliance are making a difference in the lives of youth. View the Detailed Evaluation Report of the 2013-2014 Impacts.

Youth Outcomes

The Denver Afterschool Alliance has identified four goals for measuring youth outcomes. View the Denver Afterschool Alliance Recommended Outcomes.

We have an amazing resource here in Denver … one that has gotten us national attention! It is our shared effort amongst DPS, Community Based Organizations and the City to create and support the Community Partnership System (CPS).   CPS not only tells where and when programs are serving students, it is also the vehicle by which afterschool programs can upload their youth roster and receive real-time information regarding their participants’ academic work, dayschool attendance and other critical benchmarks of success. In order for you to receive this FREE information, your organization must have an active DPS Partnership & Data Sharing Agreement.

Once you have an active DPS Partnership & Data Sharing Agreement, all you have to do is:  (1) electronically track youth’s attendance at the afterschool program and (2) upload your roster to the CPS data platform. Then, print out or download reports about your students!

DPS Partnership and Data Sharing

Sample Report (Summary) | Sample Report (Detail)

Data Dictionary

Developing confident youth, good leaders, competent problem solvers, clear communicator and critical thinkers are just a few of the things that afterschool programs do!   We all know that afterschool makes a difference in the academic work and experiences of youth… but, they also make a huge difference in the character development and Social Emotional Learning of youth as well!

The Survey of Academic and Youth Outcomes (SAYO) is a reliable survey tool, measuring intermediate youth outcomes offered exclusively through The National Institute on Out-of-School Time (NIOST) at the Wellesley Centers for Women. SAYO has been extensively piloted and scientifically tested across the nation. 

Here in Denver, more than 50 program sites used SAYO in the 2015-2016 school year, measuring various impact areas. The Denver Afterschool Alliance supports a number of organizations in their administration of this tool, as well as coaching organizations on how best to use the results.