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What is the Community Partnership System?

The Community Partnership System (CPS) is an online tool that fills two vital community needs: 1. A  searchable Afterschool Program Locator database of available afterschool and summer programs in Denver. 2. A platform that links afterschool program providers to Denver Public Schools (DPS) student outcome data. Unlike earlier afterschool program inventories, CPS allows program providers to make ongoing updates to their program profile.

Why Program Providers Should Become Part of CPS

A comprehensive CPS profile including the locations and offerings of afterschool and summer programming provides a number of benefits.

  • Marketing and collaboration 
    Being a part of the Afterschool Program Locator provides the perfect opportunity to highlight afterschool programs in Denver.  Families, schools, program providers and other community partners will learn more about available afterschool program and have the necessary information to access services or collaborate to better serve Denver youth.

  • Better connections to schools 
    Afterschool programs can compliment school-day learning by reinforcing what takes place in the classroom in new and exciting ways.Through CPS, schools can identify agencies with completed profiles that provide afterschool programming complimenting the needs of their students.

  • Access to DPS student data 
    Afterschool programs that create a CPS profile will be able to begin accessing student data for the youth they serve. Programs that choose to access student data can use it to influence how they design programs that support student success.

How to Become Part of CPS

The Denver Afterschool Alliance is partnering with The Civic Canopy, CiviCore, and Denver Public Schools to develop and maintain the Community Partnership System.  The process for becoming part of CPS begins with the creation of an agency profile within CPS.  To learn more about how to create a profile, visit The Civic Canopy.

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