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Why Data is Important

In the field of afterschool, reliable data is critical to making effective decisions that will improve access to programs, enhance their quality and increase participation. To access tip sheets with concrete examples of programs across the country that have used data to augment their afterschool efforts, visit the  The Wallace Foundation/Knowledge Center.

How to Get Data

The Denver Afterschool Alliance is partnering with The Civic Canopy to develop and maintain the Community Partnership System (CPS), an online tool that provides a comprehensive database of available afterschool and summer programs in Denver.

The Community Partnership System will also serve as a reporting platform to link program providers to Denver Public Schools student data. Program providers who complete an agency profile within CPS can begin an on-boarding process with the school district, including confidentiality agreements and due diligence requirements, to access student data reports. To learn more about the on-boarding process visit Denver Public Schools Community Partnerships.

How to Use Data

Research and experience tell us that coordinated data-sharing between schools and afterschool programs can improve the quality of afterschool programs and provide better learning opportunities for the students served.  Programs that have collected and analyzed data can then make data-driven decisions. Such decisions might include targeted programming, outreach to specific partners, program improvement, increased alignment with the school day or the ability to assess program impact.

Data Resources

Data helps create a robust picture of afterschool program impact and allows programs to demonstrate to various stakeholders that afterschool funding is well spent. Data also helps keep stakeholders accountable for the quality of the programming they provide. View resources for afterschool data that will provide insight into how data can be used to inform program decision making.

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