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Archived Briefs and Reports


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Briefs & Reports

View briefs and reports prepared by the Office of Children's Affairs containing data prior to 2012 for school readiness, K-12 education, and youth success.  

School Readiness

Community Assessment Update Report  The 2011 annual update to the  Comprehensive Community Assessment includes data from the US Census Bureau with both regional and Denver components.
2011 Annual Report   An annual report containing an overview of the programs and services offered by Denver Great Kids Head Start
Head Start 2010 Comprehensive Community Assessment  2010 Comprehensive Community Assessment of  Head Start and Early Head Start services and related Community Assessment briefing papers
2010 Annual Report 
An annual report containing an overview of the programs and services offered by the Denver's Great Kids Head Start program.
Dental Excellence 2008 Report  2008 report on motivational interviewing as a success to educating Denver's Great Kids' Head Start parents on oral care.
Healthy Teeth Report 2008  2008 response report to 2007 comprehensive assessment findings.
Health Care Access for Low Income Hispanic Families  2008 research paper on Denver's Great Kids Head Start demographics and access to health care.
Part C Brief - Bridging the Gap  Opportunities for diverse families who face developmental challenges
Economic Implications Brief  Describes the economic implications on child care, early childhood education and future learning
Simply Science Brief  2005-2007 evaluation on early childhood science instruction
Building Better Oral Behavior Research paper on educating Denver's Great Kids Head Start families on oral health via motivational interviewing
City of Dreams  Denver's goals and projects for creating quality education and providing safe environments for our children and youth
Comprehensive Assessment Summary  2007 comprehensive assessment of Denver's Great Kids Head Start
Comprehensive Assessment Summary SPANISH  Evaluación exhaustiva sobre Denver's Great Kids Head Start del 2007
Improving Dental Care and Education  Denver Great Kids Head Start report on oral care and educating and encouraging parent support.
Oral Health Promotion  2009 report on the training of Head Start staff by dental health nurses via motivational interviewing.
Oral Health  A presentation of general information on good oral health.
Advancing Denver's Great Kids Head Start Disabilities Services   Outlines what Denver's Great Kids Head Start is doing for children with disabilities and the services available to these families.
Advancing Denver's Great Kids Head Start Disabilities Services SPAN  Un breve resumen de los servicios que provee Denver's Great Kids Head Start a los niños con discapacidades y sus familias.
Motivational Interviewing  Motivational Interviewing and how it has been successful as an education tool for dental health.

Qtr I Fund Briefing Paper  Results from 2008 funding allocations of the Quality Improvement fund for creating quality childcare, sustaining quality, and retention.
Who are Denver's Children?  Data reporting on Denver's diverse children and it's affect on academics.
Advancing Quality Child Care in Denver 2005 - 2007  Outlines the process of the Quality Improvement Fund for creating quality childcare for low-income families
Advancing Quality Child Care in Denver 2005-2007 SPANISH Describe el proceso de crear cuidado infantil de calidad por parte del Quality Improvement Fund para familias con bajos recursos.

Healthy Preschoolers Project  English  Describes the Healthy Preschoolers Project.
Healthy Preschoolers SPAN Describe el proyecto de la salud pre-escolar y sus metas.

Youth Success

Effective Parent Engagement Brief   Outlines parent participation as key in ensuring a child's academic success

City-wide Initiatives List of citywide youth initiatives
Denver's Youth Agenda Document  Describes the vision and creation of Denver's Youth Agenda
Resource List  List of resources in the Health, Education, and Safety communities

Latinas and the Educational Pipeline  A report of the Latina students from the K - 12 educational system into higher education.
Denver Dropouts- A Time for Action Brief  This brief analyzes the reasons why high school students dropout and the success rate of those who re-enter.
Multiple Pathways Brief  Describes various initiatives to prevent students from dropping out of high school.
Principal Summit Brief  Six Denver public high school principals are interviewed to determine what their plan is to prevent student dropouts.

Archived Awards

View past awards recipients for the Heavy Lifting Award and Mile High Teachers.

The Heavy Lifting Award recognized outstanding individuals in the Denver community for their efforts in advancing the well-being of Denver's children and youth.  Award recipients included the following:


  • Shirley Farnsworth, Executive Director, DPS Department of Extended Learning and Community Schools
  • Carlo Kriekels, Co-founder & Executive Director, The YESS Institute
  • Ross Weaver - Regional Program Manager, Office of Head Start, Region VIII


  • Stephanie Gurule - Director of Student Engagement for Denver Public Schools
  • Regina Huerter - Executive Director of Denver's Crime Prevention and Control Commission
  • Christopher Eugene Urbina, M.D. M.P.H. - Director of Denver Public Health
  • Gloria Higgins, Denver Preschool Program


  • Rick Vigil, Videographer, Rocky Mountain SER
  • Pensal McCray, Education


  • Mark Nothdurft, Special Needs/Youth, Mountain Tiger Society
  • Danica Love Brown, Juvenile Justice, State Dept. of Probation/TASC
  • Martha Urioste, Ph.D., Early Childhood Education, Mayor's Early Childhood Council
  • The 5 By 5 Cultural Partners
    • Colorado Ballet
    • Parks & Recreation Aquatic Centers
    • Denver Art Museum
    • Denver Botanic Gardens
    • Denver Museum of Nature and Science
    • Downtown Aquarium
    • Children's Museum of Denver
    • Denver Center Theatre Academy
    • The Wildlife Experience
    • Four Mile Historic Park


  • Adam Roybal, Youth Advocate, MiCasa Resource Center for Women
  • Felipe Lopez, Family Advocate, Volunteers of America
  • Tony Lewis, Executive Director of the Donnell-Kay Foundation
  • Tina Griego, News Columnist, Rocky Mountain News, 
  • Dr. Vincent Harding, Co-founder, Veterans of Hope Project,
  • Stella Yu, Executive Director, Arts Street
  • Cliff Johnson, Executive Director, National League of Cities, Institute for Youth Education and Families

Past awards for Mile High Teachers Program:


Archived Maps/Data

View city and neighborhood data collected previously on a variety of youth issues such as teen birthrate, you employment and youth poverty.

Youth Poverty  Youth Poverty, Age < 18 (2000 Data)

Selected Youth Employee Addresses  Selected youth employee addresses 
Teen Birthrate  birth to teen mothers 
Youth - 13 to 18  Denver youth, ages 13 - 18 (2000 Data) 
Youth Employment  Youth employment applicant addresses 



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