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Investing in the success of our children and youth, strengthens the future of our city.

One of the Office of Children’s Affairs (OCA) top priorities is to increase access and participation in quality afterschool and summer programs by investing and supporting innovative programs that improve engagement, boost achievement, and develop strong social and emotional skills for youth.

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What types of out-of-school-time programs do we fund?
The Denver Afterschool Alliance defines out-of-school-time programs as those which provide direct services to school-age youth beyond the traditional school day. This includes programs scheduled before and after school, during the summer and seasonal breaks and on the weekends. These programs must provide services in a safe, structured and supportive environment that promote positive youth development. Scheduled activities must be facilitated in one or more of the following program areas:

  • Academic Support (i.e., academic enrichment, technology, tutoring, etc.)
  • Enrichment Opportunities (i.e., arts/culture, health, fitness, recreation, etc.)
  • Social-Emotional Support (i.e., relationship building, bullying prevention, etc.)
  • Civic Engagement (i.e., service learning, leadership/character development, etc.)
  • Post-Secondary Readiness (i.e., ACT prep, pre-collegiate, career exploration, etc.)

NOTE: organizations may provide a variety of programs, but at least one is required to fit into the above program areas.  

How and when can I apply for an out-of-school-time programming grant?
In October of each year, the Office of Children's Affairs will administer its 2A/Healthy Lifestyles for Youth BOOST (Building Opportunities for Out-of-School-Time) RFP. This RFP is for the calendar year, and will be the only opportunity to apply for funding to support summer programs.

The BOOST RFP is a great opportunity for content-specific providers (organizations that provide programs one or two days per week for a limited number of weeks during the school year) and summer programs.

How much funding is available for out-of-school-time programs, and where does it come from?
Each year, the Office of Children's Affairs will distribute approximately $1 million in funding through competitive grants to support afterschool and summer programs. The funding is a combination of funds from Measure 2A and Marijuana Tax Revenue.  

More information coming soon!

More information coming soon!

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