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Welcome to The 5 By 5 Program

Get 5 cultural experiences by the age of 5 . . .

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The Five By Five Program, formerly known as The Five By Five Project, provides Denver Head Start and Early Head Start children and their families with year-round access and educational opportunities at 15 of Denver’s cultural venues at no cost.  The goals of The Five By Five Program are to strengthen families and support school readiness by providing Denver’s young children with at least 5 cultural experiences by the age of 5 to spark their imagination and learning.    Learn more . . .     

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 History Colorado


*The Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO), the newest cultural partner, offers FREE admission to a Family Concert performance of the Colorado Symphony for up to 6 persons including Head Start children and their families.

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Additional Resources
Five By Five 2014-2015 School Readiness Guide - Unofficial copy of guide for how to use the Five By Five program.
Activity Guide (PDF) - Activities to be used in the home and classroom as curriculum to reinforce the experiences at cultural venues. 

5 By 5 Program Replication Manual (PDF) - Guide book on starting a 5 By 5 Program in your own community.
Briefs and Evaluations - Briefs and evaluations for The 5 By 5 Program.

Videos - Watch our videos to learn more about The 5 By 5 Program and how to enter the cultural venues. 


Get answers to  frequently asked questions  about The 5 By 5 Program.