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Youth Success

Girl with base musical instrumentYoung people need a broad range of programs, services and opportunities to support their development as they transition into adulthood.  

Positive Youth Development
Positive youth development is the understanding that youth be given age-appropriate and culturally appropriate programs, services and opportunities in order to develop into contributing members of society.


Youth Voice   

Youth voice refers using the ideas, opinions, attitudes, and actions of young people as resources in the planning and decision making of youth policy, programs and services.

Positive Youth Development and Youth Voice in Action . . .

Established by City Ordinance as a youth leadership and youth development opportunity where youth voice lives. The Commision is a partnership of youths and adults that provides youth voice and leadership within the City and County of Denver. Established through city ordinance, its primary role is to advise the Mayor and his cabinet on key issues impacting Denver youth. 

Creative Options - A systems collaboration to reduce truancy. 

Staff Contact Information
Office of Children's Affairs


Additional Resources

The governing body of Denver Great Kids Head Start is the Policy Council,  where parents and community representatives work together in policy making and program decisions for DGKHS.  

  • Mayor's Youth Awards - Given to recognize teens that have overcome personal adversity and created positive change in their lives
  • Mile High Scholars - Given to students who model good leadership, respect and support for their peers