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Support Services & Crisis Information

Here you will find follow-up information regarding the 18th & Emerson fire.

On March 7, 2018, a fire broke out at an apartment building that was under construction at 1833 N. Emerson in Denver’s North Capitol Hill neighborhood. City inspectors identified multiple nearby buildings that have been damaged, or may have been damaged, as a result of this fire. 

Next steps for residents and businesses

  • As a property owner or if you have renter’s insurance, call your insurance company first.
  • Contact the Red Cross for assistance with insurance case work, health services, mental health and spiritual care services, food, transportation and more. Red Cross: 1-800-417-0495.
  • The Colorado Division of Insurance can also provide support for claims, casework, and general insurance questions. You can reach them at 1-800-930-3745 or 303-894-7499.
  • If you are a contractor applying for related permits, please indicate on your e-permits application or in person at our permit counter that your project is for repairs to buildings damaged by the 1833 Emerson fire. We are committed to expediting these permits to get displaced residents and businesses back into their buildings quickly and safely.
  • Many residences have already been cleared for occpation once again. A few buildings have more serious damage. Depending on the damage to your building, some people may be displaced for several weeks until your building can be assessed and repaired. The Red Cross is able to provide housing options for people displaced by the fire.
  • If you are displaced and have a pet, please try to find family or friends that can temporarily care for your animal. If you need help with the care of your pet, contact 311 and the Denver Animal Shelter will be able to help.



Ash/Burned Debris

Ash and burned debris has been found up to a mile away from the fire’s location. This debris is not believed to pose a public health risk. The city is working to locate and clean debris from public property.

If you find debris, please dispose of it or call 311 to report debris on public property.

Indoor Air Quality after a Fire

Even if not affected by the heat of the fire, many nearby structures may need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove smoke and other pollutants. Denver’s Department of Public Health and Environment recommends the following steps:

  • If vacuuming, take care to ensure the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a HEPA filtration.
  • Launder or dry clean all affected clothing.
  • Clean all impacted household items with mild soap.
  • Steam clean all affected carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses – changing water/solution frequently.


Asbestos is naturally occurring mineral substance that is often used in building materials, including floor tile and related glue, roofing shingles, wall and ceiling textures, insulation, and drywall. Asbestos in building materials is not a risk to human health unless it is disturbed, such as during a fire or the work of extinguishing a fire. If asbestos is found in your residence, it may be necessary for the areas of contamination to be remediated as part of the building clean up.



It is better to send cash donations instead of having to transport and store items at great expense. Quite often, survivors do not need or can’t use goods that are donated by generous fellow citizens. Organizations that receive unsolicited donations have to take time to catalogue and store such materials, which takes valuable time away from working on urgent needs.

To donate in support of the people affected by the fire at 18th and Emerson, please reach out to one of the following organizations:


The effects of this fire will be felt for a long time. Today or in the future, if you would like to volunteer with the Red Cross, you should visit the volunteer section of to learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to apply to be a volunteer. Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster is another resource for connecting with response and recovery voluntary agencies.

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