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Beginning Dec. 15: Emails in Deleted Items Folder will be Automatically Purged after 30 Days

Banner: Hey city employees, don’t keep important emails in the trash! Under banner on the left side: racoon throwing an envelope in a trash bin labeled “Deleted Items Folder”. Under banner on the right side: Your Deleted Items folding in Outlook is meant for trash, emails you no longer need, and racoons! Starting December 15, any email older than 30 days that is in your Deleted Items folder will be automatically deleted. Once emails are purged from this folder, they are not recoverable. Bottom right corner: Denver logo for Denver Technology Services.

Prior to the migration to Office 365, individual email users were responsible for purging deleted email—either by setting up automatic purging in their Outlook preferences, or by manually deleting items already in the Deleted Items Outlook folder. Office 365, in contrast, gives TS the ability to establish a citywide purge schedule for deleted emails.

Any email older than 30 days that is in the Deleted Items Folders will now be automatically deleted. Once emails are purged from the Deleted Items Folder they are not recoverable. Any emails filed in any other mailbox location should be kept in accordance to our records retention policy (see Executive Order 64).

Over 3,500 city employees have over 500 email messages in their Deleted Items Folder. If you currently use your Deleted Items Folder to archive and wish to keep these emails, please move them out of the Deleted Items Folder prior to December 15.

For terminated employees, email will be retained for 60 days.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the Service Desk at the phone number below. Please do not reply directly to this email.

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