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Building a Career Within the City


Navigating your next job with the city cover image

Navigating Your Next Job with the City 

The success of your career is dependent upon you. Although your manager/supervisor can provide assistance, you are ultimately responsible for your professional growth and for managing your career which encompasses several activities, such as:

  • identifying professional strengths, values, skills and interests
  • ensuring that your work fits with your personal circumstances
  • developing professional career goals
  • evaluating career options, both inside and outside the organization
  • finding and participating in learning and development programs 

Navigating Your Next Job with the City contains activities and other tools intended to help you to make thoughtful and informed decisions about where you are in your career and where you want to be. You can choose to progress through the document in order, or pick and choose the information and activities that meet your needs.

New Tools to Help CCD Employees Apply to First Line Supervisor Positions

To ensure that the City and County of Denver (CCD) has strong leaders as first line supervisors, CCD uses a pre-employment assessment designed to predict success in this role. There are two versions of the assessment, one for office-based supervisors (Professional Supervisor Assessment) and one for field supervisors (Labor and Trades Supervisor Assessment).

The Office of Human Resources Assessment team has created two tools to help prepare employees for their application and assessment for all first line supervisor roles. The tools include a skill evaluation form and suggested developmental activities. Employees that are considering applying for a supervisor position within CCD are encouraged to utilize these tools prior to applying and taking the assessment.

Labor and Trades Supervisor Assessment Tool (field supervisors)

Professional Supervisor Assessment Tool (office-based supervisors)