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Bilingual Stipend

Bilingual Stipend Process - Click to open in PDF

A bilingual stipend is an additional payment on an employee’s paycheck, paid to employees who meet specific conditions. Career Service Rule 9 outlines the bilingual services stipend including who is eligible to receive a per pay period stipend, how much the stipend will be based on the level of proficiency, and when the employee is no longer eligible for the bilingual services stipend. 

Employee Q&A

A bilingual stipend is awarded to an employee whose current classification does not require the use of a second language, but the employee uses a second language at least 35 percent of the time on the job.

Career Service Rule 9 in the Career Services Rules details eligibility requirements, pay tables, and effective dates for receiving the bilingual services stipend. For more information on the bilingual stipend please review Career Service Rule 9 Pay Administration.

The bilingual stipend will be added to your paycheck the Monday after you have completed the test and notified the OHR Assessment Team. If there is a delay in processing your bilingual stipend in Workday, the bilingual stipend will be retroactively paid to the Monday after you completed the test. 


Manager Q&A

If you have an employee who meets the requirements for the bilingual stipend, per Career Service Rule 9, complete and submit the Request for Bilingual Services Stipend form

Yes, the department/agency will be charged $35.95 per test. The department/agency will be charged back at the end of each month for the tests requested.

As the manager, you will need to enter the request for a bilingual stipend into Workday. A guide on how to enter the stipend will be sent to you along with the completed Request for Bilingual Services Stipend form and the employee’s score report. 


When an employee changes his/her position or transfers, the manager must stop the bilingual stipend in Workday.

When an employee goes out on leave, the manager must suspend the bilingual stipend in Workday. The manager can turn the bilingual stipend back on when the employee returns.