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Are You On Board with EcoPass? Submit Your Photo and Win!

Lanyard, badge holder with City and County of Denver logo, and stainless steel mug with #WhereDenverWorks logo.


Do you have an EcoPass? Do you love it’s convenience, affordability, the green impact of getting cars off the road or something else about it? Take a photo/selfie of you and your EcoPass on your commute to work, submit a caption and submit it online. Employees who submit a photo will win a City and County Denver swag item! Once every two weeks, participants will also be entered in a drawing and could win a #WhereDenverWorks stainless steel mug. Submit your photo and caption online, and share why you love your EcoPass!

Only one submission per employee, please. Questions? Email


I utilize my quiet time while I'm being driven around. 

It gets me to work, saves me the drive and I have lots of time to catch up on email. 

Driving home from downtown is the worst! 


It give me reading time 

It's so affordable and I can relax during my commute. Plus, it's good for the environment. 

I get to read or listen to music while avoiding stressful traffic. 

It gives me a chance to exercise and see a beautiful sunrise on my walk to the bus stop. I can relax, sleep, read or surf the web while someone else battles traffic. 

It's cheal and I can go almost anywhere in the city. 

It's a great benefit and the price is right! 

I can read or listen to music on my commute, and I don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic!

I can read a book while I ride the light rail.

It takes the stress of driving in heavy traffic away.

Regardless of the weather, I can always walk or use my EcoPass to get to work.

Driving makes me grumpy. 

It's the most convenient way to get around Denver.

I can relax on my way to the airport!

My commute is easy and convenient. I'm very grateful to have an EcoPass.

It provides flexibility for meetings around the city.

It makes it so easy to get to work and home. Plus it saves a lot of time!

It saves me from paying to park downtown and my daughter thinks it's an exclusive train club membership!

It helps the environment and I enjoy walking to and from work.

I can relax on my way to work!

My commute to the park and ride is only ten minutes. Then, I get to relax the rest of the way and pass the Rockies stadium.

I make new friends on the bus all the time, and most of them wear deodorant, too!

I can catch up on some sleep.

There's no better way to tour Colfax than by bus!

I've finally been catching up on my reading!

I never have to worry about parking or the hassle of traffic. I love being able to sit back, open my book and relax in the morning.

I don't have to fumble around with coins or credit cards.

I used to dread my 90 minute commute. It was a waste of my day. I can now read, check emails, chat with a coworker and talk with my family. It's made a positive impact.

I get to knit during my commute!

I get a beautiful view on my commute!

It saves me money and miles on my vehicle.

After working in the Traffic Division, I know there are really bad drivers out there. Fortunately, the RTD drivers put safety first.

I get to have some down time before I pick up my kids from their school and daycare. It allows me time to decompress and reflect on my day!

I can get around Denver without the stress of driving!

It cuts my transportation costs way down and removes the headache of parking.

It allows my commute to be stress free!

The stress-free ride home only take 24 minutes on the A line from Denver International Airport!

I don't have to worry about parking, and it is very convenient.

It gets me to and from work or to and from the airport.

It gets me where I need to go without road rage.

I'm reducing my carbon footprint.

It's freedom from the crazy traffic in Denver. I ride the A-line to the W-line everyday and I am happy with the service, even when there's inclement weather.

It keeps me from having a heart attack in rush hour.

EcoPass Selfie

EcoPass Selfie


It takes most of the stress out of my commute, and it makes me feel great not to add another car to the road. 

I get to hang out with my co-worker. 

Ahhh, white space. 

It is the best way to travel from the north Boulder area to downtown. It's super easy and convenient. 

It is affordable and I save gas. 

It is the best and most cost-effective way to get around downtown Denver. 

I can read while I ride. 

I can relax on my ride and don't have to worry about parking downtown. 

It gives me a little

I get to take a train everyday, and I love trains.

I love the convenience of having RTD drive me to work.

It gives me 30 minutes dedicated to reading a book every day.

I get to enjoy summer mornings and save gas!

I can ride my bike and the train, which saves the environment and minimizes my carbon footprint.

It gets me to work and all over town, too! 

I like writing letters and birthday cards on the train. The past sprint, I was able to finish my sons' high school and college graduation announcements.

IT lets me avoid traffic and take the train!

It's cheap and gets me everywhere. I use it all the time!

It is nice to relax on my commute instead of dealing with traffic.

It keeps getting better and better. After being with the city for 10 years and 10 years taking the bus, no matter what the weather, a stuffy bus or standing room only, it is still better than driving!

It gives me flexibility! Who could ask for more?

It saves me lots of money!

I can read and relax on my commute and don't have to sit in I-70 traffic!

I don't have to stress while driving or worry about all the people texting and driving.

I get to talk to people like the bus driver, John, who has been with RTD for 16 years and plans to write a book about driving the bus!

My commute is easy!

I get dropped off two blocks from work and don't get frustrated with traffic!

It is inexpensive, there's no traffic, no stress. It's a no brainer!

It allows me to take the lightrail to and from work without the stress of traffic.

It allows me to have a relaxing commute without having to fight traffic. I also like doing my part to ensure a sustainable community.

It helps me get more steps on my FitBit!

I can travel all month for a price of one trip to the airport!

I'm saving gas, maintenance and time!

I can save to buy a house!

I am helping the environment one day, one person and one car at a time. It also helps me to stay active by walking and biking where I need to go. It saves the environment and my wallet.

I am early everywhere I go (or dramatically late).

I leave the driving to RTD, sit back, relax and multi-task!

When I use it I do my part to keep Denver clean and save the world. It also forces me to work out and save money.

I save money on gas and my sanity by staying off I-70.

It is such a great deal!

It's the perfect insurance plan for biking to work! I know I always have a ride home just in case.

It is easy and convenient for getting to work

It eases my commute to and around downtown.

It reduces my carbon footprint!

It makes it easier to get around town.

EcoPass Selfie

EcoPass Selfie



Laura E. from the Department of Safety is the winner of the fourteenth mug drawing. 

Angel A. from Public Works is the winner of the thirteenth mug drawing! 

Guy M. from Technology Services is the winner of the twelfth mug drawing! 

Lin B. from the Office of Emergency Management is the winner of the eleventh mug drawing! 

Ralph from Public Works is the winner of the eighth mug drawing!

Carla D. from Denver Human Services is the seventh mug drawing winner.

Roger L. from Denver Public Library is the sixth mug drawing winner.

Hana F. from Technology Services is the winner of the fifth mug drawing!

Seth C. from Denver International Airport is the winner of the fourth mug drawing!

Maggie T. from City Council is the winner of the third mug drawing!

Cassidy W. from County Court is the winner of the second mug drawing!

Dominic D. from Clerk & Recorder is the winner of the first mug drawing!