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Get the Right Care When You Need It  

Too busy to see your doctor or just don’t feel well enough to make the trip? Good news! All city health plans allow members access to convenient alternatives instead of in-person doctor visits! Denver Health Medical Plan offers members a 24-Hour NurseLine to speak to a nurse or on-call emergency physician for care advice. Kaiser Permanente offers members several care option alternatives to traditional medical appointments including e-visits and online chats with a doctor. UnitedHealthcare members can use Virtual Visit video chat with a doctor or behavioral health professional via mobile device or computer 24/7 with no appointment needed. Not sure what kind of care you need? View the Get the Right Care When You Need It document for guidance.

Stay Healthy@Home and Earn Vitality Points with Weigh and Win Tools

To address the challenges of staying healthy while we work from home, Weigh and Win has expanded its resources to help employees stay connected and stay healthy. Employees can also earn Vitality points when they log into Weigh and Win and access their resources.

Join today to access free resources including a new weekly newsletter: Healthy@Home. These newsletters provide tools and resources to help everyone adjust to their new normal. Check out their weekly blog posts about topics like quarantine snacking, healthy ideas for you and your family, and resiliency tips for mindfulness and stress management. Join the Healthy@Home Facebook group for more encouragement and healthy conversation.

2020 Wellness Incentive - New Point Requirement and Deadline Extension

Complete the Vitality Health Review (VHR) and achieve Vitality's Gold Status (6,000 points) on between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 to earn a $600 HSA deposit or premium reduction in 2021!*

If you are eligible for the city's medical plans, but waived the benefits, you can be entered into a January 2021 drawing for a $500 Wishlist Experience. Complete the VHR and achieve Vitality's Gold Status by December 31, 2020 to be entered to win. Employees who waive the city's medical plans are also eligible for the $100 gym reimbursement and Vitality Bucks.

Denver Police Department Officers are eligible to participate in the Vitality program to earn Vitality Bucks, a gym reimbursement and other incentives.

*If you are hired on or after October 1, 2020, the only requirement to achieve the Wellness Incentive is to complete the VHR. 

Email the Wellness team at if you have questions.

The Vitality Health Review is a brief, confidential online questionnaire. Answer questions about your health results, activity, habits, nutrition, lifestyle, mental well-being and work-life balance to better understand what you are doing well and where you may need additional guidance to become the healthiest version of you. You will earn 500 Vitality points for completing the VHR. To complete the VHR, log in to Vitality, click the Points tab and select Vitality Reviews under Categories.  

Earn points by completing online education, going to the gym, syncing your fitness tracker, eating healthy, setting goals, participating in workplace challenges and much more. Earn 6,000 points in Vitality to achieve Gold Status. To see all the options for earning points, log in to Vitality, click Points Planner under the Points tab and view the options under Categories.

Vitality Wellness Portal

The new wellness portal, Vitality, is now available for all benefits eligible City and County of Denver employees. Vitality has many interactive features like apps, games and challenges to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Benefits-eligible employees can get started by registering on and clicking Register Now under the LOGIN button. You will provide your name, date of birth and registration identifier, which is your six-digit employee ID number. Use your city email to register and choose a new username during the registration process. Need help registering? Contact Vitality by phone at 877.224.7117 or email at

If you need help getting started with Vitality, view the Vitality Member Education webinar or the quick Getting Started video.

For additional help linking your FitBit device to Vitality, view the Vitality FitBit InstructionsPlus, take advantage of the Fitbit discount while supplies last! All employees can purchase one Fitbit device in a 12-month period. Use your employee email address to sign up.

Workplace Guidelines for Breastfeeding  

Refer to the Workplace Guidelines for Breastfeeding document for information about accommodating nursing employees at work, lactation room locations, how the City and County of Denver supports nursing employees, the laws surrounding nursing accommodations, tips for accommodations in your department/agency, and additional resources and support. 

Try MyStrength for Self-Care Tools

Take a moment. Take a breath. Take time for self-care. Explore our broad range of self-care resources - including apps, audio activities, articles, and more - designed to help you thrive in mind, body, and spirit. Life’s normal ups and downs can throw you off-kilter, but simple self-care strategies and healthy habits can help you through them. Explore activities and techniques that can benefit anyone — either as self-guided self-care or complements to clinical support. These tools are not intended to replace treatment or advice, but they can help you build resilience, set goals, and take meaningful steps toward becoming a healthier, happier you.

myStrength is a personalized program that includes interactive activities, in-the-moment coping tools, inspirational resources, and community support. You can track preferences and goals, current emotional states, and ongoing life events to improve your awareness and change behaviors.

Try myStrength today and use access code DenverEAP to get started.

Denver Wellness Highlights

Everyone six months and older needs a flu vaccine every year. Employees who are members of UnitedHealthcare, Kaiser Permanente and Denver Health Medical Plan all have access to free flu shots. Find more information, depending on your medical provider: 

Denver Wellness welcomes Weigh and Win!

A FREE program that rewards you for being healthy!

Earn cash for weight improvement or other prizes for participating.  Weigh and Win helps you incorporate healthy eating and active living habits into your daily routine through daily emails and/or text messages with personalized coaching on nutrition, physical activity, and more.  

Once you enroll, you'll track your progress through quarterly, photographed weigh-ins at one of the Denver Wellness kiosks:

  • Webb Building 
    In the Clerk and Recorder's Office
  • Central Library
  • Fire and Police Academies
  • Denver Human Services, Castro Building
  • Montbello Recreation Center

Enroll today! Visit and click the "Join Now It's Free" button.

Walking meetings have been shown to spark creativity and boost energy, so skip the sit-down session and get moving! You can walk and talk in your building or venture outside – the choice is yours!  And to make things easier, the walking meeting locations listed below are included in Outlook’s room list. Simply choose your location from the list and indicate in your invite where you’d like you participants to meet up and begin their journey.

Submit a photo of your walking meeting to the wellness team and we’ll add you to a weekly drawing for one of our cool new Benefits & Wellness clipboards!  They’re easy to bring along and make note-taking a breeze!

Check out this article in the Harvard Business Review for tips to make your walking meetings a success.

Locations in Outlook’s room list:


Find wellness resources in Workday Learning. Are you interested in learning more about health and wellness topics? Workday Learning has a variety of wellness resources. From Workday Learning, click Browse Learning and type Wellness in the search bar.


Get the tools, information and support you need to make smarter choices!

City and County of Denver employees who receive their medical benefits through Kaiser Permanente, UnitedHealthcare, or Denver Health can participate in a FREE program through Omada® for Kaiser Permanente members, Real Appeal for UnitedHealthcare members, or National Diabetes Prevention Program for Denver Health members.

Real Appeal for UnitedHealthcare insurances

Real Appeal give you everything you need to lose weight and keep it off. Read more.

City and County of Denver United Healthcare members can enroll now at to get this program for FREE!

National Diabetes Prevention Program for Denver Health insurances

Denver Health's research-based program helps you to lose weight and prevent diabetes. Whether you have 10 lbs to lose, or over 50 lbs, this is the RIGHT program for you. You can attend 25 classes over a full year! Plus, you’ll get one-on-one attention from our expert coaches. Read more.

City and County of Denver Denver Health Medical Plan members can sign up now at to participate in this program for FREE!

Omada® for Kaiser Permanente insurances

Omada® surrounds you with the tools and support you need to make better health choices in the moment - and for life.

Spots are limited, so act fast: If you are at risk for type 2 diabetes and are a City and County of Denver Kaiser Permanente member, this program is offered at no additional cost to you. Read more.

Take a one-minute health test to see if you're eligible:

Send Us Your Sweaty Selfies!

Collage of pictures of people perspiring doing different activities

Keep sending your sweaty selfies to for your chance to win a prize and have your picture posted on the Denver Wellness Facebook page. Prize drawing winners each recieve a $25 gift card!

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Denver Wellness supports all City and County of Denver employees on their path to well being by providing empowering health information, engaging wellness activities and all-inclusive health opportunities.

Denver Wellness is a support program that every employee can access to find resources to improve their health. Denver Wellness is a support program that meets employees where they are on their journey to well being.


  • To reduce health risks through engagement.
  • To empower employees to make healthy and informed choices.
  • To encourage wellness through education, better nutrition, stress management and physical activity.
  • To provide quality, reliable wellness resources for employees.
  • To celebrate employees who take action to learn about and improve their health.

Be engaged. Be empowered. Be Well.
Read more about the Denver Wellness Program.

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