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New Employee Toolkit

Welcome new employees!

We hope the following information helps you find everything you need to get settled in to your new job.

New Employee Paperwork

This form should be completed and given to your hiring manager

HR Questions? Visit the HR Service Center in SupportNow.
Payroll questions? Visit the Payroll Division website, or contact

New Non-employee Paperwork

These forms should be used for all contractorsvolunteers unpaid interns who need computer access through the city's network. Please submit the completed forms to the Technology Services Help Desk in Support Now.

Questions about technology? Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk in Support Now or call 720.337.4357.


Woman riding transit while listening to earbuds

Benefits Enrollment

If you wish to participate in the benefits program, you must enroll in benefits within the first 30 days of work.

Visit the benefits page to learn more