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New Employee Toolkit

Welcome new employees!
We hope the following information helps you find everything you need to get settled in to your new job.

New Employee Paperwork



 This form should be completed and given to your hiring manager

New employee paperwork questions? Call 720.913.5654 or email
Payroll questions? Visit the payroll and time off website, or contact

New Non-employee Paperwork

These forms should be used for all contractorsvolunteers unpaid interns who need computer access through the City's network. Please submit the completed forms to the Technology Services Help Desk.

 Questions? Please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 720-337-4357

All new employees are required to take the following training courses. Instructor-led courses are held in the Webb Municipal Building; others are completed as online courses. To enroll and for more information, log in to your  Denver Employee City University (CityU) account. During your first 30 days you may access the  Benefits video to learn more about your benefit options.
New Employee Orientation (NEO) is offered as an online course, which can be completed through CityU. This and the additional courses listed below must be completed within the first six months of employment, before the end of your probation period.

New Employee Orientation (NEO)  - Online Course
Research reveals that after selection, orientation is the single most critical step toward ensuring success of new hires. This session integrates new employees into the organization by welcoming them to the City and County of Denver and introducing public sector employment and service.  In addition, new employees receive detailed information concerning benefits, training, employee relations, performance appraisal, compensation, employee recognition, career development, promotion, transfer and other career management opportunities. New employees leave NEO knowing that they have every opportunity to make an impact on this community, internally and externally.

Ethics and Public Accountability - Instructor-Led Course
With ethics and integrity, every organization has to define its own criteria for success. Attend this session to learn about the City’s Code of Ethics outlines for employees regarding conflict of interest, acceptance of gifts and employment outside the City; conditions under which a citizen may file a complaint regarding perceived unethical behavior by a City employee; and resources available when an employee has a question regarding how to handle an ethical decision.

The Respectful Workplace - Online Course
Employees of the City & County of Denver have a right to a workplace free of harassment and discrimination under the law. It is important to understand what constitutes workplace harassment and discrimination and what to do if an incident occurs. It is equally important to understand that not all offensive behavior constitutes unlawful workplace harassment and/or discrimination.
New Supervisor Training
In addition to the courses listed above, supervisors are required to complete these additional courses. Log in to your  CityU account for details.

  • PEP Course: Part I (Online Course)
  • The Respectful Workplace for Supervisors (Online Course)
  • Legal Guidelines for Leaders (Coming Soon!)
  • New Leader Onboarding (Instructor-Led Course - includes PEP Course: Part II)

Safety Training for Supervisors (No charge for these classes, see also Employee Training)

  • Incident Investigation for Supervisors
  • Ergonomic Awareness for Supervisors
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Supervisors
  • Fire Safety Awareness for Supervisors
  • Confined Space Awareness for Supervisors
  • Chemical Safety Awareness for Supervisors

Professional Development Programs
How to Enroll
Employees can self-enroll for classes through CityU:
  • Visit CityU Click "Click here for a one page Job Aid on how to use the system!"
  • Follow the instuctions provided

Training questions? Call 720-913-5628 or email


Parking and Transportation

Get details about employee parking, alternative commuting options, City vehicle rental, and more on the  employee parking and transportation website.

Facilities Requests

Holiday Schedule

Benefits Enrollment

If you wish to participate in the benefits program, you must submit the benefits enrollment form within the first 30 days of work.

This benefits presentation will explain the terms and options available to employees of the City and County of Denver.

2015 Benefits Guide
2015 Benefits Guide


Visit the  benefits page to learn more