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Verification of Employment

If you need a wage/income verification of past employment from the City and County of Denver, you may give the entity requesting the verification the Controller's Office, Payroll Division email or phone number, 720.913.5612. The City and County of Denver representative providing wage/income information requires the requestor to provide the former employee’s last four digits of their Social Security number and the name of the organization for which they are requesting the information.

Verbal verifications are to verify the information the caller has with yes or no answers related to:

  • Employment status (active or inactive)
  • Job title(s)
  • Base pay
  • Dates of employment

Requests for salary verification require a signed authorization from the former employee. Written employment verifications require a signed authorization from the former employee.

Verbal Verification of Employment
Controller's Office, Payroll Division:
Phone:  720-913-5612
Fax:      720-913-5249