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Overtime Exceptions

City jobs are divided into two groups when it comes to eligibility for overtime payment.

  • Classifications that are eligible for overtime are in “non-exempt” pay grades (numbered in the 600 series).
  • Classifications that are not eligible for overtime are in “exempt” pay grades (numbered in the 800 series).

There are four unique situations where the Career Service Rules allow overtime to be paid to employees in classifications that are in exempt pay grades (see Career Service Rule 9-93 Overtime Exceptions).

  1. Overtime may be paid to an exempt classification when it is a community practice to do so. The Career Service Board must approve the exempt classifications eligible for overtime.
  2. Overtime may be paid to employees working for the Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA) who are in exempt classifications if DHHA pays their counterpart jobs overtime. Such classifications must be in one of the following occupational groups: Health Technical & Related Support, Health Professional or Doctors.
  3. Overtime may be paid to a specific position or group of positions within an exempt classification during declared emergency conditions. Additionally, the work performed must be distinctly different than the normal working conditions of other positions in the classification (i.e., it is not the typical work performed in the employee’s regular job). To be eligible the agency/department head must request the approval of the Office of Human Resources Executive Director. All approved requests are limited to a specified period of time and the request is for less than one year in duration (such as a snow season).
  4. Overtime may be paid to first level supervisors in exempt classifications if it is community practice to pay the supervisors overtime and only when it occurs in the following situations:

    a. Scheduled overtime occurring in a holiday week;
    b. Overtime related to after-hour emergency response duties;
    c. Publicly scheduled events requiring infrastructure support; and
    d. Snow removal activities.
The Career Service board must approve the exempt first level supervisor classifications eligible for overtime:

Exempt First Level Supervisor Classifications (Rev. 8-17-06)

  • Automotive Service Center Supervisor
  • Aviation Painting Supervisor
  • Construction And Maintenance Supervisor
  • Custodial Supervisor
  • Electrical Supervisor
  • Electronics Technician Supervisor
  • Food Production Supervisor
  • Food Service Custodial Supervisor
  • Heavy Equipment Mechanic Line Supervisor
  • Hvac Supervisor
  • Mechanic Line Supervisor
  • Multiple Trades Supervisor
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Parking/Speeding Enforcement Supervisor
  • Plumbing Supervisor
  • Graphics Supervisor
  • Traffic Signal Technician Supervisor

    The method of calculating the overtime for each of the four situations is outlined in Career Service Rule 9-100 A) 2) a).