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Risk Management

Risk Management is responsible for the identification, analysis and management of the city's risk and exposure to loss related to the activities of the city and its departments, agencies, and employees.

Risk Assessment and Analysis - Learn how the city analyzes its risks and selects the appropriate risk management strategy to most effectively and efficiently preserve, protect and enhance the assets of the city. 

Workplace Safety - Review guidelines and policies, and find safety class dates designed to help you do your part in keeping yourself and your coworkers safe.

Workers' Compensation - Find the designated providers for Workers' Compensation injuries, the Workers' Compensation Procedure Manual and more. 

For more information, as well as access to downloadable forms, please visit our internal Sharepoint site located here.

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Risk Management

201 W. Colfax Ave., Dept. 1105
Denver, CO 80202
(720) 913-3330

Director of Risk Management
(720) 913-3349

Devron McMillin
Risk Manager
(720) 913-3345

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Administrator
(720) 913-3355

Corrine Freese
Safety and Industrial Hygiene Administrator | General Services
(720) 913-3348

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Administrator | Department of Safety
(720) 913-3357

Alan Hutchins
Workers' Compensation Claims Supervisor
(720) 913-3231