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Rule 10: Paid Leave

Rule 10: Paid Leave
10-10: Definitions

  • A: Leave 
  • B: Immediate Family10-15:  Designees

10-15: Designees
10-21: Partial Leave Accruals
10-22: Situations Where Approval of PTO Use in not Required
10-23: All Other PTO Uses
10-30: Sick and Vacation Leave
10-31: Partial Leave Accruals
10-32: Limits on Vacation Leave Accumulation
10-34: Granting Vacation Leave
10-35: Bereavement Leave
10-41: Length of Service
10-42: Effect of Appointment to Another Career Service Position
10-43: Using Paid Leave
10-44: Reporting and Investigation of Sick Leave
10-45: Donated Leave
10-46: Effect of Separation on Leave Accrual
10-47: Effect of Re-Instatement and Re-employment on PTO and Sick Leave Balance
10-50: Paid Holiday Leave
10-51: Amount of Paid Holiday Leave Received
10-52: Observing Holidays
10-53: Eligibility for Paid Holiday Leave
10-54: Holiday Pay for Employees on Special Work Schedule

  • A:  House may be deducted from employee’s administrative leave granted for exemplary performance, earned compensatory time, earned paid time off, or earned vacation leave;
  • B:  The employee may work additional hours within the work week, or
  • C:  The employee may take the house as unpaid leave

10-54: Holiday Pay for Employees on Special Work Schedule10-55: Compensation for Hours Worked in a Holiday Week
10-60: Other Paid Leave
10-61: Military Leave
10-62: Election Leave
10-63: Court Leave
10-64: Investigatory Leave

A:  Leave 

10-54 A. 


Subject to a supervisor’s approval and appropriate staffing, the Career Service Rules permit employees, who are required to work on City holidays to take paid leave on another day during the same week as the holiday.  In re Leslie, CSA 10-11, 16 (12/5/11).

Violation Not Found 

The Career Service Rules permitted appellant to request one hour of holiday leave at the end of a ten-hour shift during the same week as a City holiday.  In re Leslie, CSA 10-11, 16 (12/5/11). 

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