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Rule 6: Training and Organizational Development

6-10:  Responsibility

The rules provide that the CSA, each agency, and the employee all share responsibility for a probationary employee’s completion of training requirements.  In re Sample, CSA 72-07, 7 (6/12/08), rev’d on other grounds CSB 10/16/08.

6-20:  Mandatory Programs         

Hearing officer erroneously interpreted rules in concluding that a probationary employee can attain career status by default without having completed mandatory training programs if the agency fails to timely request an extension of probation and/or erroneously certifies that the employee successfully completed probation.  In re Sample, CSB 72-07, 3 (10/16/08).   

The responsibility to ensure that a probationary employee completes the training mandatory under § 6-20 A is shared equally among the employee, the agency and CSA.  In re Sample,CSB 72-07, 3 ( 10/16/08).

Failure to complete the mandatory training programs serves to automatically extend an employee’s probation until such training is complete.  In re Sample, CSB 72-07, 3-4 (10/16/08).

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