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Under CSR 15, an agency has specific obligations when a complaint of discrimination, harassment or retaliation is filed to investigate and take effective, thorough and objective steps to address the complaint. In re Gallo, CSA 63-09, 2 (CSB 3/17/11).

A grievance over a transfer that does not impact an employee's pay, benefits or employment status may not be appealed under 19-10 A.2.b.   In re Gallo, CSA 63-09, 3 (CSB 3/17/11).

Under 19-10 A.2.a, employee may appeal agency's failure to address a grievance where grievance operated as a formal complaint of sexual/racial harassment under CSR 15.  In re Gallo, CSA 63-09, 3 (CSB 3/17/11).

An agency’s denial of a grievance may be appealed if the action violates a career service rule and negatively affects the grievant’s pay, benefits or status.  In re Abeyta, CSA 110-09, 2 (Order 2/9/10); CSR 19-10 A.2.b.i.

Where appellant failed to present any evidence supporting his grievance allegation that he was entitled to be awarded his bid for the original graveyard shift based on seniority or otherwise, summary judgment must be granted for the agency on the grievance appeal.  In re Abeyta, CSA 110-09, 2 (2/9/10).

The city analyzes its risks and selects the appropriate risk management strategy to most effectively and efficiently preserve, protect and enhance the assets of the city.

The city protects the assets and public resources entrusted within through a variety of methods including the:

In the event that city property is damaged, the reporting employee shall fill out the Property Damage Report Form (right click on link, then "Save Target As..." to desktop). The report is to be sent with all supporting documentation to

Additionally, the city requires contracts and professional agreements to meet specific insurance limits and endorsements to protect the city's assets as well as interests of the contractor.

The aforementioned Self-Insurance Acknowledgement may be utilized by contractors when requested by their insurance broker. Any further inquiries regarding the Self-Insurance Acknowledgement may be directed to

The city will accept evidence of insurance in the Acord Certificate of Liability Insurance format. Contractors are advised to strictly follow the instructions found on this sample certificate. Contracts and professional agreements may be delayed until the proper format is submitted.


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