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Leadership Development



The Learning and Development Strategy is a comprehensive, continuous learning process for all city employees who aspire to learn, grow, and strengthen their skills. It provides a consistent citywide approach that also invites agency customization. It is designed to build knowledge and expertise, leading to the success of employees and ultimately the success of the city. It is based on the capabilities necessary to model leadership and the city’s core values of service, teamwork, accountability, respect and safety.

Citywide Learning & Development Objectives

  • Build Skills - Foster employee engagement and innovation at all levels 
  • Expand Knowledge - Maximize employee talents to grow our talent from within
  • Develop Leaders - Cultivate strong leadership to meet the evolving opportunities of a growing city
  • Leverage Current Learning and Development Investments - Build upon and integrate current and past programs

Benefits of a Citywide Approach

  • A foundational, sustainable development strategy
  • Employee engagement
  • Competency development for employees at all levels that ties to job responsibilities, pre-employment testing, ongoing development and succession planning
  • Agencies can customize for their organization’s needs
  • Meaningful learning opportunities   
  • Individual learning and development plans
  • Increase performance results


The Importance of Strong Leaders

“A World Class City requires strong leaders at every level of an organization to create a culture of continuous learning, individuals who will strengthen their capabilities and management who will coach and develop strong contributors prepared to meet the evolving opportunities of a growing city. Denver’s Leadership Journey focuses on you – the employee and the manager. To develop core competencies we offer multiple learning opportunities to strengthen your skills, expand your knowledge and increase your contribution to our great city. We look forward to your learning and leadership!” 

Mayor Michael B. Hancock  &  Karen Niparko, Executive Direcor, Office of Human Resources

Overview & Resources

The Learning & Development Strategy is a comprehensive, continuous learning process for city employees designed to build knowledge and expertise. It is based on the capabilities necessary to build leadership across the city through learning, coaching and ongoing feedback. The following resources are available to support managers and employees as they craft and pursue their Professional Development Plans.

Tools to help assess strengths and opportunities for growth and development.

We have identified assessments that align with the citywide Learning & Development strategy.  

Tools to document development opportunities and goals to address the gaps.

  • Professional Development Plan Template
  • Professional Development Plan Workshop
  • On-going Coaching Conversations
  • Cross-Training
  • Mentoring

Learning opportunities and resources available to address the gaps identified and documented in the professional development plan.

Learning opportunities vary from instructor led classes, videos, books, and online courses through CityU. These resources are designed in three levels: leading self, leading teams, and leading the function and organization. 

The key to success for the Learning & Development Strategy is ongoing coaching and feedback. Through this process, managers will consistently work with employees to support them and keep the process moving forward in order for employees to seek further insight and understand their potential.

Foster a culture where:

  • Everyone clearly understands what they are to accomplish, and do so
  • Everyone follows up and follows through on things said and promised
  • Everyone agrees to and honors team agreements
  • Everyone shares what they are doing, and what they’re working on with others



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