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Please utilize the resources below to onboard your new employee.

Hiring Manager Checklist

*Some departments/agencies have designated people in addition to the hiring manager who work to provision and onboard new employees.  Please work directly with this delegate in your department/agency.

Download a Microsoft Word version of the checklist below.


 Prior to Making Verbal Offer

  • If the new hire is eligible for medical benefits, notify the new hire that medical benefits are effective the 1st day of the following month in which they were hired.

 Offer Letter/Employment Screening Request

  • Submit Offer Letter/Employment Screening request to generate offer letter and kick off employment screening requirements (background, physical, etc.) Contact OHR Talent Acquisition Operations for additional information.
  • New hire cannot start until background check is complete and you have been notified that they are cleared to start.

 Questions? Contact OHR Talent Acquisition Operations at

Work Space Provisioning (if applicable)

  • Assign a cubicle or office for new hire.

 Questions? Contact Facilities at

 Technology Provisioning and Account Setup* (if applicable)   
 *DEN and DHS: Please work directly with you department division liasison for provisioning.

  • Complete New Employee Computer User Account Request  from Tech Services via SupportNow.
  • Select Something New-Make a Request > New Employee Computer User Account Request
  • New Employee Computer User Account Request is used to request system access, phone, phone number, etc.
  • If you are reusing a computer, submit a SupportNow generic request for the computer to be reimaged for the new hire (allow three business days turnaround).
  • If you need to purchase a new computer, submit a SupportNow expansion computer request (allow three to four weeks for purchasing, set up and delivery).
  • Coming soon: The employee ID will be included in the account creation email sent to the manager after account set up in complete.

 Questions? Contact Tech Services at or 720-337-4357.
*DEN and DHS: Please work directly with your agency division liaison for provisioning.  

 First Day Schedule and New Hire Communication

  • Schedule introduction meeting with the new hire and the work team. Taking the new hire to lunch on their first day is a great way to make them feel welcome.
  • Ask the team to help make their first day and first week a welcoming experience.
  • Leave a card or welcome note at the new hire’s work space.
  • Collect any city and/or department swag to give to the new hire. 
  • Submit a brief write-up on the new hire for your internal department/agency newsletter. Include their previous work experience and any personal items of note they’d like to share. Photos are great to include as well.


 Department Training

Contact New Hire to Discuss First Day Details

  • Location (work location and where to meet on first day)
  • Time to arrive
  • Bring photo ID for badge
  • Dress code or uniform
  • Parking and/or alternative transportation information
  • Any questions the new hire may have before starting their first day
  • Additional items to bring on their first day

 Work Space

  • Ensure work space is clean, set up, and ready for the new hire prior to day one.
  • Provision workspace with office supplies (pens, paper clips, scissors, etc).
  • Ensure computer and phone are working and ready for use.

 Mobile Phone

  • Order mobile phone through Support Now (if applicable).


  • Greet new hire and escort them to their work space.
  • Introduce new hire to team members.
  • Plan to take them to lunch, or have lunch with the team.

 Employee ID and Badge

  • Provide the new hire with their employee ID number and explain how it is used for access to many systems and tools.
  • Accompany hew hire to get badge, ensuring badge form has been completed. If additional security or badging is needed, complete required forms.

 Building Tour

 Give a tour of the office and your building including the following (if applicable)

  • Building access and entrances
  • Security badge process for entry
  • Restrooms / break areas
  • Office supply locations
  • Parking facilities or public transportation
  • Locations of various departments/agencies
  • Fire evacuation & safety/snow closure procedures
  • Mail services
  • Tornado shelters

 Items to Review with New Hire (if applicable)

  • Verify new hire’s emergency contact info is accurate in Workday
  • Review with them their onboarding plan, First Day Schedule and the First Week Schedule
  • Set up printers
  • Provide department/agency phone list
  • Order business cards
  • Assist with setting up email signature and voicemail


 Explain the following technology sites/resources

  • DenverHub
  • Shared Drive and/or department/agency SharePoint
  • Technology Services and Support Now portal
  • Issue any additional technology/tools required (laptop, keys, cell phone, etc.)

 Set up Meetings

  • With colleagues and stakeholders for training and information sharing
  • Set up regular one-on-one meetings between you and the new hire
  • Forward standing calendar invites for team and department/agency meetings


  • Ensure new hire has CityU access and encourage completion of New Employee Orientation during first week. Include Defensive Driving training (if their position requires driving)
  • Encourage new hire to self-enroll in the Denver City’s STARS Orientation on CityU
  • Explain employment probation and required trainings
  • Explain additional required department/agency training (manuals, reference materials etc.)
  • Take the online Kronos training from payroll

 Department/Agency Expectations

 Explain the following department/work group procedures (if applicable)

  • Work schedule (work hours, breaks, lunch)
  • Kronos - Time tracking, time off management
  • Travel and travel expense reimbursement
  • Copy/fax/scan machine and required badge use
  • Interoffice mail & FedEx    

 Performance Goals

  • Develop goals to be reviewed with new hire during the first month.


  • Explain that the new hire (if eligible) must enroll in benefits within 30 days of start date and are introduced in New Hire Orientation. The new hire must enroll in benefits through Workday.

 Introduce the Departmental/Agency Structure, Goals, and Agenda

  • Discuss department/agency structure, goals, and agenda.
  • Explain the mission of the department/agneyc, its impact on the city, and why the new hire’s role is instrumental to the department’s success.
  • Explain the organizational structure for the department/agency and team.
  • Provide a copy of the city’s values, mission, and vision statement as well as the city organizational structure chart.

 Explain Your Work Style

  • Discuss preferences, expectations and goals of the new hire’s position
  • Discuss your preferred method of communication with the employee, how often you intend to meet with them, and your level of direct involvement with their work

 Check in with your new hire regularly

  • Any questions? How are things going? What have they learned?

 Performance Management

 Explain the Mayor’s Priorities

  • Describe the City and County of Denver’s vision, mission, and strategy, and how the employee’s work in your department/agency supports that.

 Meet Regularly

  • Set up recurring one on one meetings with your new employee where you can discuss performance, goals, share information and feedback.

 Communicate Unwritten Rules

  • See if the employee has any questions or concerns about the culture of your team. Explain any jargon or terminology specific to your team or department/agency, as well as important customs.

 Facilitate Interaction with Individuals who Embody the Culture

  • Set up meetings or introduce the new employee to people who provide a positive perspective on the city’s culture.


  • Ensure Benefits enrollment for eligible employees. This must be completed within 30 days of start date.

 New Leaders

  • New Leader - Forum to Perform Process Overview. If the employee is also a leader with a team, this process can accelerate the time it normally takes to develop productive, trusting relations. Contact your Human Resource Business Partner for more information.

 Meet Regularly

  • Check in with the employee once he or she has completed their first three months. Review work completed so far and progress towards goals, as well as, any additional areas where the employee requires job specific training.

 Review Training

  • Review the Learning & Development courses within CityU and evaluate progress on probationary trainings to make sure the employee is on track to complete them before end of probation.

 Meet with Existing Team Members

  • This allows you to get a feel for how the new employee is adjusting to the team dynamic. Identify if there are areas of concern from other team members and address them with the new employee.

 HR Check in

  • Connect with your HR representative and discuss the employee’s progress in the new role and any relevant concerns.

 HR Check in

  • Connect with your HR representative and discuss the employee’s progress in the new role and any relevant concerns

 Goals and Performance

  • Discuss how the employee can continue to progress toward their goals. Explain what to expect at the annual performance review and when that will take place.

 Check in on Onboarding Experience

  • Follow up to make sure the employee understands the new job and answer any questions they might have about the city.

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