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Hiring Center for Managers

This page outlines the hiring process at the City and County of Denver – from requesting to fill a position to a new employee’s first day on the job. Please utilize the resources here and reach out to your Office of Human Resources Talent Acquisition partners.


Position Management

Ready to fill a position? The hiring process begins once there has been a resignation, termination or creation of a new position. To request to fill a position, a job requisition must be created. The job requisition will initiate the recruiting process for competitive hires or the internal movement/rehire process for non-competitive hires.

For a non-competitive internal movement (add job, transfer) or rehire (seasonal) that did not involve the recruiting process, please complete this Request Form in addition to the job requisition.

For the competitive recruiting process, a Recruiter will reach out to the Hiring Manager to discuss a recruitment strategy and get the job posted. For a non-competitive internal movement or rehire, the Onboarding Coordinator will facilitate the hiring process.

Sourcing and Outreach

Jobs may be posted both internally and externally so candidates both within and outside the organization can apply. Once the job is posted, Hiring Managers can assist Recruiters in promoting positions. Share the opportunity with professional networks and encourage prospective candidates to apply.

Candidate Experience - Sourcing and Outreach
There is a custom application process for internal and external candidates. To view and apply to jobs, external candidates should visit the Jobs Center and current CCD employees should visit Building a Career Within the City.

Assessments and Testing

Depending on the position, candidates may be required to complete an online assessment or test. To learn more, please visit our Assessments page.

If the position requires an assessment, Hiring Managers will have access to results and should request the Development Report from their Recruiter. The report details the candidate’s performance against the competencies covered on the assessment and provides sample interview questions to help Hiring Managers learn more.

Candidate Experience - Assessments and Testing
After applying, candidates will receive instructions on how to access and complete the assessment.

Application Review

Eligible candidates who meet the minimum qualifications for the position will be reviewed by the Hiring Manager's Recruiter. The Recruiter will then identify the best qualified candidates within the application pool that meet the Hiring Manager's ideal candidate profile. Those candidates will be shared with the Hiring Manager.

The Hiring Manager has a critical role in reviewing candidates and deciding whom to move forward with in the process. The Recruiter will support Hiring Managers but will want expertise to determine who will be the best fit for the job.

Candidate Experience - Application Review
Candidates can view the status of their application in Workday at any time. The city also communicates with candidates regularly via email, phone, and text message. Lastly, candidates receive an email notification when disqualified and no longer in consideration.


The Office of Human Resources offers an in-depth Interviewing and Selection workshop hosted by Learning & Development and recruiters. The four-hour training emphasizes a collaborative hiring process and best practices for preparing to interview and selecting the best candidate for the job. Participants will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills learned to case study reviews and practical exercises. 

A 25-minute online course titled The Fundamentals to Hiring the Best Candidate for the Job is available through Workday Learning. The course covers best practices, tools, and techniques to successfully prepare for and conduct interviews. The course also serves as a primer to topics that will be explored in the workshop.

For help with interview questions, use our Guide to Interview Questions for sample questions based on different technical, competency-based and organizational questions.

Candidate Experience - Interview
Candidates can view the status of their application in Workday at any time. Candidates should be contacted to interview and followed up with afterwards.

Job Offer

When ready to extend a job offer to a candidate, Hiring Managers should partner with their Recruiter to make the offer and follow this Process Guide. First, compensation must be determined and then approved. Then, a verbal offer can be extended followed by a written offer.

Candidate Experience - Job Offer
Candidates must review and select Accept or Don’t Accept the offer letter in Workday. No signature required.


After a job offer is accepted, the pre-employment screening process is initiated for the incoming new hire. A background check is required per Executive Order 135 and the components of that check will depend on the position. An offer is contingent on the successful completion of pre-employment requirements. 

Candidate Experience - Pre-Employment
Candidates are contacted by the Onboarding Coordinator and receive instructions to complete the necessary requirements.


Onboarding involves preparing for the arrival of the new hire. This includes logistics such as desk and technology set up as well as ensuring a smooth and welcoming start on the job. Talent Acquisition offers a checklist that covers the onboarding tasks the Hiring Managers needs to complete before the new hire starts through the first six months on the job. 

Candidate Experience - Onboarding
Candidates are contacted by the Onboarding Coordinator to complete required new hire tasks. Once the new hire is cleared to start, Hiring Managers should contact the candidate to make sure they are ready and excited to start their new position.


Contact Us

Contact your Recruiter
If you are unsure of who your Recruiter is, contact the Talent Acquisition front desk.

Department of Safety Questions

Direct potential candidates to the Jobs Center to explore careers with CCD. Current employees should visit Building a Career Within the City for information.


HR Service Center in SupportNow
Need assistance from Human Resources or help with Workday?


The Hiring Process

Guide to Hiring
The Guide to Hiring includes everything Hiring Managers need to recruit and hire an employee. The guide includes a detailed breakdown of each step in the hiring process as well as required actions and best practices. 

Workday User Guide
The Workday User Guide provides step-by-step instructions for all users on all tasks in the system.

Internal Movement and Rehires
For non-competitive internal movement or rehire, submit the Internal Movement and Non-Competitive Rehire Request Form on the Job Requisition in Workday. This form is available in the Instructions on the task.

Background Check Request
To request a background check only (outside of the standard hiring process), submit the Pre-Employment Screening Form.

Campus Relations Program

Considering an Intern, Trainee, or Fellow? Review the Guide to the Campus Relations Program and follow the Step-by-Step Guide to Student Workers. Visit the Campus Program website and contact the team at

Onboarding Checklists

Use these checklists to prepare for the new hire’s start date and more. The checklists cover all the tasks that are needed and can be customized depending on the department/agency’s welcome process. There are checklists  for the Hiring Manager, Candidate/New Hire, and Agency Liaison/Administrative Support Staff.


For Hiring Managers


For Agency Facilitators


For New Employees