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Self-evaluation allows you to comment directly on your performance. Not only does this give you a chance to toot your own horn about all the valuable contributions you’ve made in the past year, but by doing so, you’ll make it easier for your manager to complete your performance evaluation.

Be sure to provide specific facts about the quality services you’ve delivered and the projects you’ve completed. By doing so, you’ll supply your manager with evidence, as well as language to simplify their writing process.


Types of Goals

  • STARS Values - STARS stands for Service, Teamwork, Accountability, Respect and Safety. It is intended to guide our behavior and mindset. The goal is to be proactive, identify and meet needs, work collaboratively to solve problems and develop and maintain trusting relationships.

    The STARS goal supports you in achieving all your performance goals. At the end of the year you will be rated on your demonstration of all values. You and your manager should discuss how these values are demonstrated in your position.

    The STARS goal accounts for 20 percent of your overall rating in your performance review.
  • Performance Goals – Identify key deliverables for the year. If you have the same goals this year as last year, enter those goals into Workday. Performance goals account for 80 percent of your overall rating in your performance review.
  • Development Goals – Work with your manager to determine up to three development goals. This supports the city’s focus on ongoing learning & development for employees. Development goals are not rated in your performance review.



It can be helpful to think about your accomplishments in terms of these categories:

  • Nice job!
    Important contributions that helped to keep things running smoothly.
  • Above and beyond
    Valuable contributions that went above and beyond the duties and responsibilites of your job classification.
  • Could have been worse
    Instances when you noticed a potential problem or mistake and corrected it before it became bigger, messier and maybe costlier.
  • Innovations
    Improvements recommended and implemented that improved processes saving time and money.

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