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Congratulations Emerging Leader Graduates

Congratulations to the 25 Emerging Leader Cohort members who graduated Wednesday, August 24!

These 25 employees have spent 80 hours in the classroom learning and developing their leadership and core professional skills over the last 15 weeks. In addition, through exploratory and networking assignments, they have connected with leaders across the City and County of Denver and DEN to expand their professional network, gain a better understanding of positional leadership, and expand their purview of DEN and this great City of Denver. Through these experiences, each and every emerging leader has walked away with increased awareness of their leadership capability, how to navigate their professional journey, and have gained skills to inspire and move people through continuous and inevitable growth and change.

We thank all of the leaders, sponsors, subject matter experts, and mentors who continue to support the program, and the emerging leaders who have moved through the program over the last three years. Investing in our talent through development programs such as DEN Excellence in Leadership, Emerging Leaders Program prepares our workforce for the ever-changing demands of our city, DEN, and aviation as an industry.

Congratulations again to the following employees!

  • Harry Alcantar
  • Christopher Blackett
  • Matthew Burch
  • Haven Cassidy
  • Claudia Chavez
  • Irene Chhor
  • Robyn Chrissinger
  • Mark Cordova
  • Tonyray Cruz
  • Steve Golba
  • Corey Helton
  • Ashlee Herring
  • Deadra Hodges
  • Khalif Kader
  • Lee Kimble
  • Michael Laughlin
  • Daniel Loayza
  • Michael Mackintosh
  • Darcy Mixon
  • Susan Moore
  • Maurice Murray
  • Linda Nedved
  • Jerrod Oliver
  • Kecia Rogers
  • Vince Valdez