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Final OHR 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Action Team Recommendations

Below are the final Office of Human Resources (OHR) 2015 Employee Engagement Survey Action team recommendations presented during the November OHR senior leadership team meeting based on top three areas for action. The recommendations, derived from a combination of feedback and partnership within our own agency, were readily received and accepted by our OHR Leadership Team. The intention going forward is to enlist support of this team for the areas below driving sustainable improvement thus increasing employee engagement.


Technology: (align with Technology Road map)

1) Design a communication practice that outlines what drives our technology decisions; i.e.…want vs need criteria and re-visit on a quarterly basis.

2) Develop and communicate an internal technology process for quick requests -  This may come to fruition with implementation of the service center - related to requests for keyboards, a mouse, computer stands, etc...

3) Implement a communication process regarding who is responsible for what of equipment, programs, access to specific drives, content, networks, phones, etc.… This may include direction from Marcom as to where housed on DenverGov website yet solicit ideas from employees -voice of the customer.


Fairness of Promotions: (align with hiring the best talent)

1) Design a comprehensive training for managers that focuses on best practice for selection and hiring, connect with SME. (combine with citywide program)

2) Perform feedback (internally) that takes into account a coach approach for managers to encourage developmental conversations - this entails followup around those applicants/candidates not selected and support managers delivering the message. 

3) Implement a practice to communicate with internal employees regarding position expectations, process and accountability factors - related to a proactive approach to informing employees of OHR opportunities and offering dialogue to build accountability of development. 

4) Develop a message and plan for communication regarding CCD reallocation practice. Consider implications of employee perception versus fairness of position. Design a comprehensive process/communication that speaks to reallocation from a fairness and business point of view while remaining compliant with Career Service Rules.


Healthy Conflict: (aligned with HR for HR Building Strength)

1) Design & cultivate a proactive approach to create awareness and a “safe” environment for dialogue (a norm) Engage employees in seeking a "proactive" approach to introduce language of safe environment, suggesting generally as new norms within teams to cultivate open dialogue. Design a document to begin conversation (share 6 steps to success as a resource).

2) Foster / model ongoing communication development: intact work teams to experience possibly Crucial Conversations (CC) and Crucial Accountability (CA) - gather real-time participant numbers for CC and gain buy in from our agency, experience CC & CA internally to create common vocabulary and build credibility to offer and competence to hold discussions (4Cs demonstrated)

3) Design and generate Team Operating Agreements, involving all participants to include behavioral expectations and accountability assignments - intended for both smaller teams and the OHR agency, engage employees to gain acceptance as to benefits of having agreements, team meeting guidelines etc. Expand on what is being communicated in New Leader Onboarding. 

Thank you to this entire agency for your participation, open and honest feedback and the ongoing support in keeping us focused on our own journey to cultivate employee engagement. Here is to a successful 2017!