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New OHR Team Member Perspectives

The Office of Human Resources (OHR) has welcomed many new faces to the team thus far in 2016. We are excited to have each and every one of these individuals onboard!

The latest group of recruits recently completed the new OHR Orientation. Afterwards, we asked them to share some perspectives since they joined the city and/or OHR. 


Jack Davies, Senior HR Business Professional
What's your favorite part of the work day?
One of my favorite parts of the day is biking to work at the Webb building in the morning sun while listening to old school hip-hop in my headphones and trying not to use downtown traffic as a brake pad.

Stephanie Bennett, Wellness Intern
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city?
Everyone on my team and around my cubicle has been incredibly friendly, welcoming, and eager to show me the ropes. Also, the baristas at a few of the local coffee shops have really eased my transition here!


Andrew Pugliese, Assessment Development and Validation Analyst
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city?
Whether it’s been directing me to the city’s top restaurants and bars, providing me with a list of the best hiking locations, or helping me find a great barber, Alyx Sparrow and Lance Dorris have made me feel more than welcome in my move from New York to Denver.


Tyson Martens, Marketing & Communications Coordinator
What’s something you have recently learned about the City and County of Denver?
In 2007, I went to an internship fair on campus at Metropolitan State University of Denver where I stapled my resume to a couple crooked copies of internship postings. To see where recruitment is today and where they are headed is exciting. I look forward to helping them realize their innovations and to help build a brand that all city employees can be proud of!

Jeanne Holley, Leave Administration Specialist
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city?
Jennifer Telfor has been amazing with helping me get into the swing of things with the city. She has an immense knowledge of the city and has been a great resource to help me within my role. Jessica Fuentes has also been very helpful. Her attention to detail and insanely organized training techniques really helped me as a new employee. Not only do they both complete their massive amount of work in a day, they never hesitate to help anyone in need. They are both such amazing team players and I am so lucky to have them on my team.

Susan O'Neill, Senior Compensation and Classification Analyst

What’s something you have learned about the City and County of Denver that has surprised you?
Everyday there are so many surprises… the city is kind and caring to their employees with the free zoo days, the wealth of training available for career progression and the variety of options available for work-life balance. And then there is the city overall which has friendly, helpful and thoughtful employees who are so invested in making the city a friendly city. This may be corny, but from what I see in the weeds, it’s true.


Anna Forsberg, Recruiting Manager
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city?
I have had the most welcoming experience to the City and County of Denver. Besides the generous support and guidance from Cindy, the entire Recruitment Team has been super helpful in getting me acclimated to my new role. Everyone on the team has gone above and beyond in answering my questions and explaining our systems and processes. I am beyond thankful to call the Recruitment Team my new home.


Brandi Miller, Senior Compensation Analyst
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city? 
I have met so many wonderful people. Nicole has been AWESOME. She is a wonderful manager and I appreciate her management style and the very respectful way she manages the team. This is the first organization I have worked for where I do in fact feel like the manager of the team is actually participating in the team and allowing us to do the same. It is very rewarding knowing you are a trusted asset and not a subordinate resource. Blair Malloy has been very helpful as a wealth of knowledge about the city and its structure and inner workings and her knowledge of where the “cookie lady” is located has been a blessing!!! Alena Duran has been an essential training resource for me and I am greatly appreciative of her efforts. Deb Saraceno has been an absolute jewel helping me to learn my way around and make sure I am supplied with the right tools to do my job. I have had a wonderful experience getting acclimated to working for the City and County of Denver!


Alexis Kaufman, Senior Human Resources Professional
Who has helped you acclimate to working at the city?
It has been a great experience being welcomed by so many OHR Team Members. Everyone has been willing to help, train and explain the “ropes”! From the testing department where I had endless questions, to Troy and his expertise in NeoGov and Ome’s knowledge and relationships with DHS. In addition, there are others who have sat with me and shared their knowledge as well. Everyone has made me feel more than welcome and that the City of Denver is where I want to be!