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OHR's Favorite Workday Worklets

Workday is a new solution to manage the City and County of Denver’s human resources and payroll (beginning in January), and financial business processes (beginning in June). Workday is a secure application that will allow employees to quickly and easily maintain their personal employee files, view their payslip and benefits elections, make changes to their direct deposit, health savings account and flex spending accounts, and more. It’s mobile, meaning you can view your information and make changes any place, at any time on any computer or mobile device. It will make the city operate more efficiently, and will reduce current paper processes within Human Resources and Finance by up to 75%. 

We asked team members from the Office of Human Resources to explain their favorite Workday worklets and the functionality they have within Workday. Here's what they had to say!


OHR Team Member's Favorite Workday Worklets


“There’s lots of options for employees to customize Workday in ways that are helpful to them. The Favorites worklet will give employees an easy way of saving their tasks and reports that they run regularly in Workday.”

~ Amy Jewell
Amy Jewell holding a sign of the Favorites worklet
“Managers and supervisors will like the ease-of-use of the Dashboards worklet. It’ll be one-stop-shopping for the management reports and actions they need to complete regularly through Workday.”

~ Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe holding a sign of the Dashboards worklet

“The benefits worklet will allow ALL employees to view their benefits at any time and eliminate 95% of our paper forms. It’ll also be great for open enrollment next year!”

~ Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes holding a sign on the Benefits worklet
“The Pay worklet is probably going to be one of the most used worklets in Workday. This is how employees will view their payslips and find tax documents.”

~ Tony Gautier
Tony Gautier holding a sign of the Pay worklet
“It’ll be helpful to see the org charts through the Directory worklet in Workday. The org charts are very visual and interactive, making it easy to see reporting structures and more.”

~ Alena Duran
Alena Duran holding a sign of the Directory worklet
“I think a lot of employees will find the Personal Information worklet useful. Whenever we change our contact information, it’ll be easy to update it through this worklet!”

~ Patti Rowe
Patti Rowe holding a sign of the Personal Information worklet


You can view a glossary of worklets here

Visit the Workday website to learn more. View FAQs, see the implementation timelinewatch videos featuring city employees, and more!