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Notice for City Employees Regarding Political Activities


As Denver prepares for a city bond issue, school board elections, and miscellaneous ballot issues in November, questions will be asked about permissible political activities by city employees. This message is to remind employees of the restrictions on engaging in political activities at work.

State and city laws generally prohibit the use of public resources for making contributions or contributions in-kind to political campaigns, including campaigns related to initiated or referred ballot issues.  In addition, Career Service Rule 16-26 states the following:

Section 16-26 Political Activities (Effective February 12, 2016)

A. Employees are prohibited from engaging in political activities during working hours. Employees also are prohibited from using city facilities and/or resources in connection with campaigns or other political activities.

B. City facilities and/or resources may not be used to solicit:
1. Monetary political contributions; or
2. Any other contribution of services or resources for political purposes from any officer or employee.

C. Employees shall not engage in the following activities at any time:
1. Taking any action or making any promise or threat of action to any employee because of the employee’s giving or the withholding of a political contribution or service; or
2. Engaging in solicitation or politically motivated behavior that is harassing or discriminatory.

Accordingly, employees are not permitted to spend work time involved in any campaign activities and are prohibited from using city facilities or resources in connection with campaign or other political activities. City resources include, but are not limited to, telephones, email, fax machines, interoffice mail, voice mail, photocopiers and office supplies.  Attached at this link is a memo with further information regarding the limitations on city contributions to candidate or ballot issue campaigns and political activities at work. Classified service members should consult their respective department’s policies or rules restricting political activities for further guidance. 

If you have any questions regarding the application of Career Service Rule 16-26, please contact Heather Smith, Compliance Officer, Office of Human Resources at 720.913.5618.