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We Want to Contact You in Case of an Emergency

The City and County of Denver uses your personal contact information to inform you in the case of city emergencies as well as for certain citywide notifications via the Emergency Notification System (ENS). 

Effective immediately, all non-emergent notifications (such as snow delays) will only be communicated via text message and email. To ensure that you receive the correct notifications, it is imperative that your contact information is up to date in Workday. This can be done by logging into Workday, clicking on the Personal Information Worklet, and selecting the Contact Information tab. You may then edit your information by clicking on the “edit” button.

When updating your information, please follow these four measures. Thank you for doing your part to make sure we are safe in the case of emergencies.

  1. Ensure that each contact number is only listed only once in the system.  If the same number is listed under multiple columns (such as home phone, cell phone, alternative cell phone, office phone, etc.) you will receive duplicate notifications.
  2. Only numbers that are listed as a “cell phone” will receive a text message.  Phone numbers listed as "Home, Office, and/or Alternate" numbers will only receive voice calls during city emergencies.
  3. If your dept./agency has supplied you with a work-issued cell phone or a phone stipend, you must list this number in Workday as a "cell phone”.  Failure to do this may result in forfeiture of your work phone or phone stipend.
  4. All phone numbers must include the full area code. Invalid phone numbers (such as 999-999-9999) or numbers that are not exactly 10 digits long should be removed from the system.  

By following the four measures listed above, you will avoid receiving duplicate phone calls in the case of an emergency and help do your part to make sure the system is efficient and effective.  In addition, this is a good time to update your emergency contact information in Workday. Emergency Contact Information is also located in the Personal Information Worklet.