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City Requirements

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Find information and documents that may be required for your event or film production here.

Specific details, contact information and links to related applications are found under each department listing.


Insurance Requirements and Community Notification

Proper event notifications are critical to the success of events in any community. Follow the steps below to build positive relationships and mitigate event-related impacts.

Event organizers must notify all impacted residents, businesses, community centers, etc. about event details 45 days prior and again one week before the event.

1. Create an event notification flyer that includes: event dates, times and location, set-up dates and times, road closures, parking restrictions/accommodations, site and/or route map, organizer contact email and phone number.

Upload the pdf of the final flyer to the Office of Special Events’ application system. Add notes about your notification plan and distribution details and lists.

2. Distribute the notification flyer by email and clearly request that recipients share the information with their communities via newsletters, websites, social media, word-of-mouth, etc.

The following recipients MUST be included in your distribution list.

3. Distribute the notification flyer via hand delivery and/or direct mail to homes, apartments, businesses, schools, churches, parking garages, etc. throughout the impacted area. Request that they be posted and shared. Provide large businesses and apartment complexes multiple copies for distribution.

4. Attend RNO and BID meetings of the impacted communities to share event details, answer questions and address concerns – find impacted RNOs and BIDs and their contact information: Many of these groups meet monthly and some less often – reach out early and often as necessary!

Direct questions and requests for notification flyer and distribution list reviews to Jill Lis at and 720.913.1517.

Forms, Contact information & Applications

Denver Police Department Website

Special Events Unit
Parades, Runs, Races, Walks, Rides
Phone: 720-337-1030

Office of Secondary Employment
Analisa Ortiz
Phone: 720-337-0775

Excise and License Website


State of Colorado Links:

Special Events Liquor Permit information can be found here

Colorado's Special Event Permit Information can be found here 

Special Event Liquor Licenses
Phone: Dial 311 (or 720-913-1311 if outside Denver)


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