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Special Events and Permitting (*SEAP)

The City of Denver is reviewing its policies and procedures for how it permits and processes Special Events of all types and sizes such as festivals, street fairs, walks, runs, races, etc. Over the last 6+ months, Denver has conducted a number of outreach efforts to include but not limited to; neighborhood meetings, online surveys, stakeholder meetings, event organizer forums and public meetings. Volumes of very valuable information was gathered ranging from concerns and complaints to possible solutions and suggestions. Information will be reviewed and evaluated and will guide the City in the future management of special events and the permitting process.

While Denver evaluates its current citywide processes and criteria for permitting these popular events in and around the City and our neighborhoods, we will not be accepting applications for any NEW runs/races or bike rides in 2014. This is a temporary cap that applies only to Run/Race or Bike Rides that did not occur in the 2013 calendar year.

If you wish to follow the SEAP process in greater detail, the minutes from the four public meetings and the compilation of the solutions and suggestions are available on this page.

*The SEAP Committee is a committee made up of representatives from 17 city departments convened to research, identify, and resolve the citywide challenges and complex neighborhood impacts that Special Events have on the City of Denver and its residents.


Stakeholder Meetings

Public Meetings

Summary from responses received via email and letters regarding Special Events