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Denver Office of Sustainability Logo

Denver is a special place. A modern metropolis, in the shadow of the Rockies and spilling onto expansive plains.

Here, health and vitality are a way of life. And a way of living. Neighbors know each other. They respect each other. They aspire to make Denver the best place it can be.

By far, our people are our greatest renewable resource. We are a community that embraces diversity and a spirit of cooperation. Whether by protecting resources, air and shared natural spaces, pioneering alternative transportation, or by innovating the ways workplaces and neighborhoods develop, grow and thrive, Denver keeps one foot in the present and one in the future.

In short, we never settle for good; we strive for great – to be the bar by which other cities are measured. We will be nothing less than the national model of sustainability, and the defining place where the right thing to do is simply second nature.

The Office of Sustainability leads efforts by the City and County of Denver to secure our economy and enhance our quality of life by ensuring that basic resources are available and affordable for all Denver residents, now and in the future.

Mayor Hancock created the Office so the city could advance bold programs that will assure our policies and practices will protect our city’s resources for the future.

Sustainability is a value that is embedded in everything we do as an administration because the decisions we make today will affect generations we will never meet.