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Denver is a healthy and prosperous community that thrives on civic engagement and collaboration to enhance the quality of our natural, social, and built environments for current and future generations and serves as a model for others to do the same.

Key Values :  Denver pursues this vision to produce a city with these basic values:
  • Everyone has affordable access to the resources needed to achieve a happy, healthy quality of life.
  • Community is the leading renewable resource. The City thrives on a solid foundation of individual and group relationships and service.
  • Diversity is embraced in all its forms.
  • Denver exists in harmony with the natural world. The ecosystems that support our health and prosperity are nurtured and, where previously degraded, have been restored.
  • Neighborhoods are places of beauty, convenience and repose for residents of all ages and abilities.
  • Workplaces are located, built and operated to enhance productivity and access.
  • There are multiple mobility options.
  • Denver is prosperous, but not at the expense of other parts of the world or future generations. 
  • Denver is a model community, demonstrating how personal fulfillment for all can be achieved in a secure and lasting fashion.