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Mayor Hancock, Housing Advisory Committee Launch Public Review of New Five-Year Housing Plan

Mayor Michael B. Hancock joined members of the Housing Advisory Committee to open a 45-day public review of Denver’s new five-year housing policy, strategy, and investment plan, Housing an Inclusive Denver.

The new plan outlines strategies to create and preserve strong neighborhoods with diverse housing options that are accessible and affordable to all Denver residents. The plan is centered around four fundamental values:

·         Leveraging and enhancing housing investments to support inclusive communities;

·         Identifying ways to foster communities of opportunity – around good homes, good jobs, good schools and access to more transportation options and health services;

·         Looking at housing as a continuum that serves residents across incomes – from people experiencing homelessness to those living on fixed-incomes, and working families;

·         And embracing diversity throughout our neighborhoods to ensure that Denver remains a welcoming community for all residents.

“Our new five-year housing plan celebrates the diversity of our neighborhoods and identifies ways we can deploy our resources to help keep Denver a vibrant and affordable city,” Mayor Hancock said. “It’s our job to bring opportunities to communities that lift people up, not push them out and this plan outlines strategies to make this a housing market that works for everyone.”

Housing an Inclusive Denver was developed with input from more than 1,500 people, including many nonprofit and advocacy groups, who attended public meetings, responded to online surveys, and attended Housing Advisory Committee meetings. On Thursday, the Housing Advisory Committee, who worked extensively over the last several months on development of the plan, voted to recommend the plan for council review and a 45-day public comment period. The plan is available at where readers can access a video overview of the plan as well as a public feedback survey. The City delivered the plan to members of City Council today. A 45-day public comment period will run through November 13. 

“When we look at the current housing landscape in Denver, there’s a huge demand for affordable housing across income levels, and the Housing Advisory Committee felt strongly that the plan needed to address the housing needs of people across that continuum,” Kevin Marchman, chair of Denver’s Housing Advisory Committee said. “We focused this plan around the people we hope to serve, from those experiencing homelessness to renters and home owners struggling to keep pace with the market to those buying their first home.”

Erik Soliván, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE) said, “We look forward to working with all our partners, from neighborhoods, nonprofits, developers and service providers, to continue to preserve and expand affordability for people throughout Denver.”

The plan and its accompanying annual action plans, are meant to be flexible, living documents that serve to guide the City’s investments, strategies and policies through future changes to Denver’s housing market. Following the 45-day comment period, the City will make final adjustments to the plan and submit it to City Council for final approval.

A Spanish language version of the document is currently in development and will also be available for public review beginning October 9 through November 13. The annual action plan for 2018 will be released later this fall.