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Mayor Michael B. Hancock Announces Continued Commitment to Paris Agreement


Mayor Hancock Announces Continued Commitment to Paris Agreement

DENVER – In anticipation of an announcement from the White House regarding the Paris climate accord, Mayor Michael B. Hancock today released the following statement committing Denver to the tenets of the agreement.

“Let’s talk facts. The U.S. is the among the top three largest emitters of greenhouse emissions who, combined, are responsible for more than half of global emissions. A decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement would threaten every American community’s health and safety, not to mention impact our global alliances. Disengagement and failure to act not only demonstrates a lack of leadership on climate change, but it forfeits substantial opportunities to boost GDP, create thousands of good paying clean energy jobs and improve health.

“Climate change is a serious threat to our economy and way of life in Colorado, as we see increasing wild fires, flooding, drought and decreasing snow cover.  Poor air quality and extreme heat impacts public health, especially our most vulnerable populations.

“Denver has been a leader in combating climate change and in growing the clean energy economy. We will not back down from our commitment to address this global threat and will continue the pledge to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement even in the absence of federal leadership.”

To see Denver’s complete Climate Action Plan, CLICK HERE.