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Our Commitments to Action


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The Office of Sustainability is thrilled to announce that the annual Sustainable Denver Summit has generated over 200 Commitments to Action. A commitment is a new, specific, and measurable action that will help Denver achieve one or more of our shared 2020 Sustainability Goals.

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Current 'To-Date' Summary Statistics

Past Commitments

2018 Commitments


Create 100 more electrified parking stalls in the greater Denver area by 2021.


City & County of Denver  - Department of Public Health & Environment

  • Launch a new community engagement, incentive and education campaign on electric vehicles to increase market adoption.
  • Deploy 30 air qaulity censors at 30 Denver Public Schools and relay data to the community.


City & County of Denver - Public Works Department

Purchase first electric street sweeper in the US, to be used in downtown Denver.


Concept Geebee

Put a plant in Denver  to manufacture electric vehicles if GeeBee gets orders for at least 125 vehicles from our area.


eGo Car Share

Expand fleet and transition 10 percent of vehicles to electric

City & County of Denver – Parks & Recreation

Achieve certification of over 50 individual Denver Park properties through the National Wildlife Federation’s Community Wildlife Habitat program, as a collective effort with other city partners.

City & County of Denver – Public Works, Walk Denver, West Denver Renaissance Collaborative

A commitment for green infrastructure, traffic safety improvements, economic development, community beautification, and placemaking along Federal Blvd. between Alameda and Mississippi in Southwest Denver.


DaVita created an internal green building certification program as part of our 2020 environmental goals. It will certify all of its Denver locations to this standard; certification entails best practices around: waste, water, energy & teammate engagement.

Denver International Airport (DEN)

Denver International Airport will work with airport concessions to increase participation in the Certifiably Green Denver program, with an aspirational goal to double the number of certified businesses by the end of 2019.

Energy Consulting and Energy Investments

Start a ClimateWise program that offers solutions at no charge to help business reduce their impact, save money, and gain recognition for sustainability efforts.

Posistive Energy Works

Through the new "Green Team Academy" interview and produce stories about six new Green Teams in Denver, and mentor three communities as they work to start and grow a Green Team.

Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute 

Educate City officials of the need for a public bank & its feasibility, benefits, and legality, the need to authorize creation of a business plan for a public bank, and approve a referendum to amend the City Charter to create a public bank.

Sustainable Systems of Colorado

Identify feasibility funding source(s) and possible routes for sustainable PPP, high-speed ,maglev, elevated, H2 powered, monorail transportation/energy production/communication-backbone system.


Ambient Energy

Increase education on LEED and WELL through regularly scheduled tours of our office and our ongoing student internship program partnership with Metro State University of Denver.

City and County of Denver – Community Planning and Development 

Submit a process where Net Zero Energy commercial produces have a fee reduction and have a reduction in plan review times

City & County of Denver – Public Works

Construct a new clubhouse and maintenance building at City Park Golf Course that will achieved LEED Gold including a complete array of solar panels.

EMP Task Force

Perform a risk assessment of Denver Energy Systems to natural or manmade threats from a physical, cyber, EMP or GMD event and guide efforts to improve resilience of the grid.

Energy Efficient Business Coalition

Organize a 2019 Energy and Business Summit

Lever Energy Capital

Discount our financing fees by 15% for sustainability projects in commercial real estate within the City of Denver.

Lightly Treading

Be a one-stop-shop for building owners and property managers in Denver and to help clients meet the City's Green Building Policy such as the updated Green Roof Initiative.


Analyze Artificial Intelligence (AI) opportunity for electric sub-metering and create a program to track employee carbon emissions associated with transportation to / from work.

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP)

Help households and businesses increase their energy efficiency and improve the impacts of benchmarking ordinance.

Abarrotes Bondadosa

Expand healthy food delivery operations to Aurora, Lakewood and Commerce City while increasing access to affordable fruits and vegetables.

Big Green

Build to 100 Learning Gardens in Colorado by the end of 2020.

City & County of Denver - Public Health & Environment

  • Work with communities to define the components of a complete neighborhood food environment and run pilot projects to test approaches.
  • Create a tool to model food policy and program impacts and environmental/economic costs and benefits on a regional level to direct resources to those with the greatest potential.

City & County of Denver - Office of Economic Development

Partner with Denver Housing Authority to deploy expanded City funding for affordable housing to produce an additional 200 units in 2019 and 433 units in 2020.

Colorado State University

Engage high school students from the Globeville-Elyria-Swansea neighborhood in activities to identify, assess and propose policy, systems or environmental changes to increase healthy eating and physical activities in the neighborhood.

Denver Public Library

Add 10-15 sustainability presenters into our programmer database: beekeeping, carbon farming, recycling, composting, starting a cooperative, water wise gardening, gardening for pollinators, renewable energy 101, monitor air quality in Denver etc.

Hive Architecture

Design an accessory dwelling unit made partially from pre-fabricated units that can be constructed for under $100,000.


Develop and implement a retail local food retail program at all Colorado Target stores by the end of 2020.

Mercy Housing

Increase SNAP outreach and enrollment, formalize food pantries and food bank relationships, and expand research-based nutritional education at seven Denver affordable housing communities that are home to over 1,700 residents.


3D Printing Sotre

Conduct research to identify waste and residues from manufacturing that can be recycled for additive manufacturing.


Arc Thrift Stores

Recycle, re-purpose, or keep over 110 million pounds worth of goods out of Colorado landfills in 2019.


City & County of Denver Public Works –Arts & Venues

Reduce use of single-use plastics at venues such as Red Rocks and the Convention Center.


City & County of Denver Public Works – Solid Waste Management

Increase the recycling and composting rate by 2 percentage points over 2018 by implementing a comprehensive education and outreach program.


City & County of Denver Public Works – Public Health & Environment

Achieve 15% reduction in food waste levels with in the next five years, while laying a foundation for other cities to replicate the successful strategies.



Host an open house for the community to come and learn from DaVita how we've improved our waste diversion percentage. 


Denver Food Rescue

Have composting services available at all No Cost Grocery Program sites.


Denver Public Schools

Seek to increase Denver Public Schools waste diversion rate from 19% to 34% by working with Denver Solid Waste Management to re-train staff and students on how to properly recycle and by expanding the number of schools composting.



Increase the amount of Post-Consumer recycled PET used in our Blue Stripe cold cups from 25% to 30% by the end of 2019.


Performing a waste audit of our office building, and using the audit to determine if we should incorporate composting into our waste management strategy.

Recycle Colorado (formally known as CAFR)

Build an online platform to facilitate the diversion, recovery, repurposing and remanufacturing of materials in Colorado free of charge to all members of Recycle Colorado.

Rootshyft Sustainability Consulting

Divert 1,000 tons of waste from landfills through repurposing ready to eat foods, compost, co-mingled recyclables, and diverting glass to glass only recyclers.


City & County of Denver - Public Works

Accelerate the installation of on-road bike facilities (bike lanes, protected lanes, lane markings, etc.) at a rate far faster than has been the case previously, with rapid acceleration beginning in 2020 and producing at least 125 miles of such facilities within five years.

City & County of Denver - Office of Children's Affairs

Increase access to public transit for youth under the age of 18.


Create a program to track employee carbon emissions associated with transportation to / from work, including incentives to achieve the lowest and most improved footprint.

Sustainable Systems of Colorado

Identify feasible funding source(s) and possible routes for sustainable PPP, high-speed, maglev, elevated, H2 powered, monorail system.

Understanding Distruption

Study the challenges and opportunities of micro-mobility (e-scooters and e-bikes) and how they can be integrated into a broader smart city mobility plan. This includes best practices for safe co-existence with other vehicles and pedestrians.


City & County of Denver Public Works, Community Development, & Denver Water

Organize a pilot project to demonstration a One Water green infrastructure project at a private business.

City & County of Denver - Parks & Recreation

Save ~126 acre-feet of potable water annually by replacing it with raw water at the Harvard Gulch Complex.

Colorado Greywater

Install 100 Graywater systems in Denver by 2020.

EMP Task Force

Commitment to perform a risk assessment of the Denver Water and Waste Water systems to natural of manmade threats from physical, cyber, EMP or GMD. The report will guide efforts to improve resilience of the potable water delivery system.


Performing a rainwater harvesting study for our office building, to determine the costs and benefits of adding a rainwater harvesting system.

Trout Unlimited

  • Deploy dissolved oxygen sensors at sites along the South Platte to identify stretches that need to improve dissolved oxygen in order to make the river fishable.
  • Create a fishable streatch of the South Platte by using approved boulder clusters, LUNKER structures, and jetties to ensure natural sile and sand transport and creation of scour holes.


2016 Commitments

City & County of Denver Arts & Venues - COMPLETE

Creating a guide for event planners hosting events at our venues to help implement more sustainable practices. 

Denver International Airport - COMPLETE

Expand Denver International Airport's food donation program to be available to all DEN restaurants on all concourses, and increase the total amount donated to food‐insecure Denver‐area families through Metro Caring to 50,000 pounds in 2017. 

City & County of Denver Office of Special Events - COMPLETE

Office of Special Events (OSE) will work in collaboration with multiple City agencies to increase awareness and encourage sustainable practices at special events such as, including recycling and compost receptacles, eliminating the use of water bottles and promoting alternative modes of transportation. OSE will work in conjunction with relevant event permitting agencies to explore embedding either requirements or incentives for sustainable event practices for the 2018 event season. 

Denver Public Library - COMPLETE

Host on average one blog post and one public programming event focused on sustainability/regenerative action per month at the Denver Public Library. 

Lotus Engineering and Sustainability - COMPLETE

Work with at least three organizations to develop, integrate, and achieve their environmental justice goals.

Rocky Mountain Land Library - IN PROGRESS
Establish an environmental library/learning center whose books and programs will be focused on 1) nature in the city 2) kids & nature 3)sustainability and urban homestead theme.


United States Green Building Council - IN PROGRESS

As part of USGBC’s ADVANCE program, USGBC Colorado plans to partner with Historic Denver to identify a historic building and mobilize trained volunteers to conduct energy analysis and benchmarking, a waste assessment, water audit, and occupant training to help improve overall building performance.

City & County of Denver - IN PROGRESS

The City and County of Denver will procure 200 Plug‐in Electric Vehicles and required charging infrastructure by 2020. 

City & County of Denver Community & Planning Department ‐ Development Services - IN PROGRESS

Create and implement a revised fee policy that has financial incentives for Net Zero and advanced sustainable design projects to receive fee reductions and waivers (via rebates).

City & County of Denver Environmental Health Department - COMPLETE

Introduce to council a benchmarking and transparency ordinance and implement a program to track the energy savings from large commercial and multifamily buildings. 

City & County of Denver Police Department -  Property Management Section - COMPLETE

Expanding the Remote Evidence Lockers (RELs) to Police Districts 3 and 4 

City & County of Denver Strategic Initiatives/General Services

  • Commit to expanding the City’s use of the Community Solar Garden Program. - IN PROGRESS
  • Commit to conducting a feasibility study to determine the approach in developing a net zero building within the City’s portfolio. - COMPLETE

Accelerate Climate Action - IN PROGRESS

Working with Capitol Hill neighborhood associations and organizations, we will design, fund & implement a campaign to facilitate household & block level action to reduce & adapt to climate change. We may also work with other interested neighborhoods. 

Regional Air Quality Council & Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment - Air Pollution Control Division - COMPLETE

The Air Pollution Control Division and the Regional Air Quality Council will dedicate $40,000 to research and recommend potential strategies to reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from consumer products and Architectural, Industrial and Maintenance coatings.

Colorado Finance and Housing Authority - COMPLETE

CHFA is undertaking a major rehabilitation of our headquarters building located at 1981 Blake Street in downtown Denver. This entire building remodel will be primarily taking place in 2017 and will be completed in the summer of 2017, resulting in a substantial decrease in our total energy (natural gas, electricity, water and fleet fuel) usage. 

Panasonic - COMPLETE

We commit to sponsoring and supporting the October 2017 Solar Decathlon, which will convene 14 university teams from around the world designing, building, and deploying solar‐powered homes at Pena Station NEXT. 


Sierra Club - COMPLETE

The Sierra Club will commit to pursue an inclusive facilitator role to support community awareness and engagement to achieve Denver's 2020 and 80 x 50 goals, and encourage the city to commit to 100% renewable electricity while prioritizing equity. 

Pursue an inclusive facilitator role to support broad community education and engagement within the stakeholder process in considering Ready for 100 (100% renewable energy by 2030), prioritizing equity.

Southwest Energy Efficiency Project - COMPLETE

SWEEP commits to a series of activities including webinars, presentations, articles, and advocacy and advisory work that will help households and businesses in Denver increase energy efficiency and shift to cleaner forms of transportation.

Xcel Energy

  • Continuing its pursuit of aggressive energy efficiency savings in customer's homes and businesses in an effort to expand our DSM portfolio, with the intent to add new, cost-effective customer choice programs in future DSM filings. - COMPLETE
  • Xcel Energy commits to working with Denver and other key stakeholders to identify potential electric vehicle pilot programs, including attainment of needed regulatory or other approvals. In particular, Xcel Energy will offer a new rate pilot with time-differentiated pricing to encourage charging during off-peak times (pending PUC approval). - COMPLETE
  • Xcel Energy commits to funding a proactive education and outreach initiative to distribute public information about electric vehicle charging, rate options, and the benefits of driving with clean, affordable electricity. - IN PROGRESS

City & County of Denver Office of Economic Development & Department of Environment Health - COMPLETE

We commit to shift existing staff and financial resources (including existing DEH Healthy Corner Store dollars) to better provide business technical assistance to at least three neighborhood healthy food retail stores. The total Investment will be determined by the Individual stores we work with but will be At least $50,000. We will pilot the approach in low‐‐‐income neighborhoods with relatively low access to Fresh healthy food. We will also leverage existing relationships through the Healthy Corner Store Grant program.

Denver Food Rescue - COMPLETE

"Goodness Groceries / Bondadosa"; Deliver healthy, low‐cost food to the homes of residents of Denver's food 

Denver Public Health - IN PROGRESS

Securing additional funding and engaging additional partners to expand the reach of a public education campaign on the dangers of sugary beverages.

Share Our Strength's Cooking Matters Colorado - IN PROGRESS

Increase (by 15%) the focus of our Nutrition and Food Skills education courses and tours for low‐income parents and caregivers of children 0‐ 5, so that healthy eating patterns are established early and for life.

Union Station Farmers Market - NO UPDATE

Assemble a working group with food industry leaders to measure local impact, establish a tracking system local incentive program and impact of local food initiatives already occurring to help better resource movement.

City & County of Denver Community Planning Department

  • Pursue a zoning code text amendment to eliminate the minimum area requirement for map amendments (rezonings), design overlays, and conversation overlays. - COMPLETE
  • Pursue a zoning code text amendment to remove existing zoning restrictions to allow all primary uses in established industrial, drive-thru restaurant, and drive-thru services building forms. - IN PROGRESS

City & County of Denver Office of Economic Development - Housing

  • Direct approximately $150 million of new funding over the next 10 years to affordable housing development, preservation, and programs for residents. - COMPLETE
  • Develop, implement, and communicate criteria for housing development and preservation investment that prioritize projects with transit access and strong connections to neighborhood resources and amenities. - COMPLETE
  • Offer a competitive funding opportunity for innovative housing pilot projects, with a focus on projects that support affordability in high- opportunity and gentrifying neighborhoods. - IN PROGRESS


Colorado Housing & Finance Authority - COMPLETE

CHFA will work to accelerate the amount of funding available in 2017, including newly authorized state low income housing tax credits, to enable a larger of number of critical affordable housing units to be produced in a more expedited fashion. CHFA will require Enterprise Green Communities design, energy and resource efficiency standards for all affordable housing tax credit projects funded. 

Denver Homeless Outloud, Interfaith Alliance and Buck Foundation 

Build a tiny home village for people who are currently unhoused. 

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver - IN PROGRESS

In 2017, Habitat will provide home ownership opportunities to 47% more low income families and we will preserve affordable housing for 25% more families.

City & County of Denver Arts and Venues - COMPLETE

Implement semi‐annual recycling and sustainability training for all Arts and Venue staff.

City & County of Denver Public Works – Fleet Management - COMPLETE
Start an on‐site oil analysis testing program to determine when engine, transmission and hydraulic oils should be changed. 

City & County of Denver Public Works – Solid Waste Management

  • Expand Composting collection service by 4 routes. - COMPLETE
  • Complete the delivery of trash carts to all 176,000 single family homes. - IN PROGRESS
  • Expand recycling services through automatic delivery of carts. - COMPLETE



Work with Mayor Hancock and the Denver City Council to develop and pass policies that help Denver increase its recycle and compost rate from 17 percent to at least the national average of 34 percent by 2020 by providing policy recommendations to Mayor Hancock and Denver City Council and building public support for these proposals through research, outreach, education, and engaging underserved and underrepresented communities. 

Eco-Cycle & Code for Denver - IN PROGRESS

Develop a web application that will allow tenants of multi‐family apartment buildings with eight or more units to petition their landlords for recycling and/or composting service. 



Increase solid waste recycling to at least 45% of DaVita locations in Denver metro by 2020 and implement standard signage and education for these locations.

City & County of Denver Community Planning & Development - COMPLETE

We will create and implement a demonstration project for 21st Street that shows how the street can be transformed to support walking.

City & County of Denver Office of Children's Affairs

  • Increased access to public transportation (RTD) using the MY Denver card - IN PROGRESS
  • Increased bicycle education and access to bicycles through the MY Denver program - COMPLETE


City & County of Denver Office of Economic Development – Workforce Services- COMPLETE

Educate employers on the benefits of providing transportation options, incentives, and information to current and potential employees.

City & County of Denver Public Works - Transportation & Mobility

  • Vision Zero: Utilize Variable‐message signs (VMS) and speed trailer equipment. - COMPLETE
  • Vision Zero: Hire Vision Zero Planner - COMPLETE
  • Vision Zero: Complete Vision Zero Action Plan and produce collateral materials or one‐pager. - COMPLETE
  • Bicycle: Install 15 miles of bike lanes, 2.5 miles of protected bike lanes, and 3 miles of neighborhood bikeways. - IN PROGRESS
  • Transit: Implement Design of Colfax Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) - IN PROGRESS
  • Pedestrian: Install new/enhanced crossing (intersection) treatments. Make pedestrian crossing improvements across the city, including enhanced crosswalks and use of new pedestrian crossing treatments (rapid flashing beacons, HAWK signals, etc). - IN PROGRESS
  • Pedestrian: Launch "Community Streets" program - COMPLETE
  • Pedestrian: Use sidewalk funding to complete gaps in the sidewalk network. Will begin with land adjacent to City properties and moving from there on an ranking basis to fix areas with the most need Pedestrian: Complete and begin initial implementation of Denver Moves Pedestrians and Trails Plan. - IN PROGRESS
  • Transit: NACTO Demo/Study Project of transit improvements on the Broadway & Lincoln corridor. - COMPLETE

Bicycle Colorado / Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee - COMPLETE

Introduce bike libraries and bicycle education programs via the My Denver card at three or more Denver Recreation Centers to provide access to bikes, and to teach bike safety and maintenance to Denver youth.

Bike Denver - NO UPDATE
Launch our Bicycle Ambassadors program in Five Points and Baker neighborhoods


Boulder Nissan - IN PROGRESS

A minimum discount of $8000 on all trim levels of Nissan Leafs.

Denver Zero Coalition - IN PROGRESS
The Vision Zero Coalition commits to launching a “Safe Speeds for Denver” campaign in 2017, aimed at “signing and designing” all Denver.

eGo CarShare

  • We commit to having the average fuel efficiency of our fleet be 36 mpg or greater by the end of 2017. - COMPLETE
  • We commit to doing a pilot project which will allow our members to access our vehicles using transit cards. - COMPLETE

Mile High Connects - COMPLETE

Complete the creation of a 50% discount fare and pass program for RTD riders at 150% of the Federal Poverty Level or less (around $35,000 for a family of four).


  • Panasonic commits to deploying autonomous shuttles that will deliver last‐mile transit to residents of Pena Station NEXT. The shuttles will be the first of their kind in Denver and serve as a model for testing autonomous vehicles. - COMPLETE
  • Panasonic will work with CDOT to deploy a connected vehicle platform to the I‐70 Mountain corridor. The goal of the program is to improve traffic flow and safety, reducing congestion and associated carbon emissions. - COMPLETE
  • Panasonic commits to deploying EV charging infrastructure at the TOD to support traveler and workplace charging, reducing vehicle emissions and providing an amenity to the growing EV market. - COMPLETE

Rocky Mountain Institute - COMPLETE

Rocky Mountain Institute will develop and implement a transportation demand management plan to support the very low parking ratios

Small Planet eBikes - IN PROGRESS
Set a goal of getting 350 commitments from customers in 2017 to commute via electric bike instead of a car unless circumstances like bad 


Walk Denver - COMPLETE

WalkDenver commits to organizing Project Shift, a leadership program designed to educate, transform, empower, and connect Denver’s neighbors to work together to become champions on the forefront of a cultural shift towards car‐lite lifestyles.

City & County of Denver Public Works 

  • Commits to release two more green infrastructure resource documents including Green Infrastructure BMP Guidelines for Parks and the City’s first ever Green Infrastructure Implementation Strategy. - COMPLETE
  • Denver Public Works commits to begin design and/or construction of two green infrastructure projects that meet multiple city goals, involve multiple partners, and occur in high or medium‐high priority water quality basins. - COMPLETE

City & County of Denver Public Works – Wastewater Management - IN PROGRESS

2000 West 3rd Ave: A Pilot to evaluate public private partnerships (P3) visioning, planning, design criteria, and installation of site level green infrastructure at schools and interested community based facilities for educational purposes.

Denver Water and The Water Connection/Greenway Foundation - IN PROGRESS

Denver Water and The Water Connection / The Greenway Foundation are teaming to lead a pledge drive which, if successful, will add an additional 500 acre‐feet of environmental storage in Chatfield Reservoir through a community coalition. Denver Water has committed nearly $2 million to fund the purchase of 250 acre‐feet of storage space in Chatfield–if The Greenway Foundation can raise the funds necessary to match that amount. 

Greater Park Hill Community - COMPLETE

Host a series of Waste Water Forums for Park Hill and the surrounding neighbors.


2015 Commitments

Ambient Energy – IN PROGRESS

Encourage Net-Zero Energy, Net-Zero Waste, and One Water Goals Among Clients - Encourage and facilitate more of their clients in achieving net-zero energy, net-zero waste and one water goals.

City & County of Denver Department of Environmental Health, B‐Lab - COMPLETE

Best for Denver Campaign - Launch the Best for Denver campaign and awards program, a region wide effort to that will challenge all companies in the Metro Denver area to assess, compare, and improve how their company creates high quality jobs, builds strong communities, and addresses environmental issues.

City & County of Denver Office of Sustainability, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado - COMPLETE

Love This Place Workshop Series - The 2020 Goal Workshop Series will educate Denver residents about the city's 2020 Sustainability Goals and how they can do their part to help achieve them.


Become a Certifiably Green Denver Business - Certifiably Green Denver in 2016

Denver Zoological Foundation, Denver Convention Center & Denver Arts and Venues, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, City & County of Denver Office of Sustainability, Alliance for Sustainable Colorado - COMPLETE

Coordinated Sustainability Messaging - Committed to developing a coordinated and unified sustainability message with other organizations (e.g. cultural, venues, etc.) across the City so that the public gets consistent and effective guidance on how to support efforts to achieve the City and County of Denver 2020 Community Goals.

Earth Protect – IN PROGRESS

Host Videos and Blogs on All of Denver's 2020 Sustainability Goals - Host CCD and city affiliated videos and blogs on and to include non profit, government, and higher education organizations whose missions relate to sustainability as earth protect partners.


Community-Based Communication Workshop - Provide 1-2 two-hour training sessions (30 people each session) to state, city, and local partners in order to learn about community-based social marketing. This training provides a framework for leading communities towards sustainable action through customized communication and approaches. This framework is adaptable to any audience and any of the 2020 goals.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Denver - COMPLETE

Become a Certifiably Green Denver Business - Our congregation expects to commit to 100% fossil fuel net zero with 80% upon 2017. Renovation and removing 20% as HVAC is placed with geothermal units at end of life.

Group14 Engineering – IN PROGRESS

Inspire Better Buildings - Pushing design teams to reduce energy consumption, reduce water demand, divert waste and specify materials with sustainable attributes.

North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative, Colorado State University, City & County of Denver – IN PROGRESS

National Western Center Net Zero Analysis - The CSU System and the CCD commit to working together with partners and consultants over the next 18 months to develop standards and specifications that direct the integrated design of the National Western Center, including infrastructure and buildings, to meet or exceed the regeneration goals of the NWC Master Plan, related to energy, water, and waste options.

Saunders Construction, GH Phipps Construction Companies, and GE Johnson Construction Company, USGBC - Colorado Chapter – IN PROGRESS

Colorado Contractors Challenge - Pledge to the Colorado Contractors Challenge, with immediate implementation on all new projects within the City of Denver. The group also committed to doubling participation in the CO Contractors Challenge each year, for the next three years, at a minimum.


ADVANCE Pilot with Non-Profits - Complete the ADVANCE Focus Points pilot and identify at least three other Denver nonprofits for ADVANCE, a program that will initiate Stakeholder meetings to set goals and provide volunteer training and education to help train onsite staff and existing facilities personnel (i.e. lawn care, janitorial, food service etc.).

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, Conservation Colorado, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Western Resource Advocates, Natural Resources Defense Council, Natural Capitalism Solutions – IN PROGRESS

Build Support for Policy Proposals - Commit to working with the City of Denver through stakeholder processes to develop and build support for specific policy proposals that will lead to achievement of the City's 2020 Sustainability goals of a 50% reduction in fossil fuel emissions and to the goals of the City's new climate action plan which calls for an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, Positive Energies - COMPLETE

Direct Current Retrofit and Replication Model - The Alliance Center will create a DC microgrid within the building through a three-phase process.  We will install solar panels on the roof and battery packs on each floor to store the energy.  The building will maintain AC power for specific equipment.  Once the project is implemented and vetted, we will produce a replication model.

Ameresco - COMPLETE

Complimentary Energy Reduction/Renewable Energy Viability Assessments - Donate engineering resources to assist business owners in identifying ways to reduce energy usage.

City & County of Denver Community Planning and Development - COMPLETE

Adoption of 2015 International Codes (including the 2015 IECC) - Introduce an ordinance to City Council to change Denver’s building code from the 2009 series of International Codes to the 2015 series of International Building Code by spring 2016.

City & County of Denver Community Planning and Development, City & County of Denver Department of Environmental Health - COMPLETE

Solar-Friendly Communities - Platinum Rating - Implement measures to achieve the remaining 125 points needed to achieve platinum certification and resubmit for Solar Friendly Communities.

City & County of Denver Department of Environmental Health

  • GPC Compliant Greenhouse Gas Inventory - The Department of Environmental Health commits to update its existing GHG inventory to be compliant with Global Protocols for Community-Scale Greenhouse Gas emissions (EPC) standards and will submit it for verification by an independent 3rd party. - COMPLETE
  • Stakeholder Process to Increase Commercial Energy Efficiency - The Energize Denver Task Force will bring together key stakeholders to evaluate building efficiency programs and policies, including how to implement strategies laid out in Denver’s new Climate Action Plan.  The task force will develop the actions to meet the following goal:  Improve the energy efficiency of commercial and multi-family buildings 10% by the end of 2020 and double that in the following decade. - COMPLETE

City & County of Denver General Services - COMPLETE

Promote Solar Gardens - Promote the growth of community solar gardens by investing City assets to acquire solar panels in such gardens to reduce City dependence on fossil fuels.

City & County of Denver General Services, City & County of Denver Department of Environmental Health, Denver Public Libraries, City & County of Denver Department of Safety, City & County of Denver Parks and Recreation - COMPLETE

Implement Energy Performance Contract (EPC) - We will implement 88 Conservation Measures at 14 City facilities as outlined in the Technical Energy Audit. These ECMs include numerous energy efficiency improvements as well as an education and behavior program for building tenants and facility managers.

Colorado Renewable Energy Society – NO UPDATE

  • All General Members Get Home Energy Audits - Follow up and create ripple effect with our several hundred members to conduct energy audits in their homes. Implement with mailings, word of mouth, events + workshops and Energy Efficiency measures. - NO UPDATE
  • Evangelize for Financing Operations for RE &EE with Contractors - IN PROGRESS

Denver Housing Authority – IN PROGRESS

  • Community Solar Garden - DHA will develop a community solar garden (CSG) where DHA residents and other low-income families are the subscribers and recipient of clean, affordable, renewable energy, where DHA's solar portfolio will generate 20% or greater of DHA's electrical demand. – IN PROGRESS
  • Employee Electric Vehicle Share Program - Reduce or eliminate the use of personal vehicles to conduct DHA daily business. – COMPLETE
  • Resident Engagement Program - DHA will further develop and implement a Resident Engagement Program focused on energy conservation and efficiency whereby resident energy consumption in DHA's multifamily housing portfolio will be reduced by 20% by 2020. – IN PROGRESS

Denver International Airport – IN PROGRESS

Offset DIA Hotel GHG - DEN is committing by 2018 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6,625 metric tons – equivalent to the emissions of the new 433,000-square-foot hotel and conference center - so that the facility will operate into the future with no net impact to the airport’s and city’s emissions totals.    

Fossil Fuel Free Denver - COMPLETE

Communicate with Council Members About Electrical Generation - Identify persons in each council district to meet with council members. Train persons if needed, meet with council members and follow progress.

Golden Oldy Sustainability - COMPLETE

Natural Gas Free - Commit to becoming fully natural gas free by 2017. 

Litespeed Development Group - NO UPDATE

Host EV Infrastructure Knowledge Base - Administer the web-base knowledge base for consistent future oriented design and financially successful projects

Metro Wastewater REclamation District - NO UPDATE

Sewer Heat Recovery System Policy - Evaluate sewer heat flowing through downtown Denver to utilize up to 45 MW of cost effective heat (enough for 250 apartments) that is currently being wasted. 

Microgrid Energy - COMPLETE

Commercial PACE Adoption - Present public lectures to USGBC, Alliance Center, and others to spread word on PACE.

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO) - COMPLETE

Peña Station Next TOD LED Street Lighting - PESCO and the Metro District will work with the City to pilot the installation of LED street lighting systems throughout the TOD. LED lighting will be installed throughout the Peña Station Next commuter rail platform and plaza area and throughout the initial Phase 1 build-out of the TOD by April 22, 2016. LED will be installed throughout the TOD for all future development phases.

Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company (PESCO), Xcel Energy - COMPLETE

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) to Battery Storage Microgrid Demonstration Project - Increase the use of renewable energy through the installation of approximately 1.3 MW of PV solar and development battery energy storage technology through the installation of a 1 MW/ 2 MWh battery energy storage system to support grid stability, energy arbitrage, and energy resiliency capabilities.

Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) - NO UPDATE

Electrification Expansion Project - The RAQC will secure approximately $4M in years 2016-2019 and use a portion of these funds to develop new initiatives within our Charge Ahead Colorado Program. These initiatives will focus on converting conventionally fueled vehicles, motorcycles and others to electricity among departments that have not participated with RAQC before. Additional efforts will be developed to expand public DC fast charging opportunities in Denver and across the state.

Regional Transportation District (RTD)

  • Install PV System at Central Park Station Park-n-Ride - Install PV system at Central Park Station Park-n-Ride, securing grant. – NO UPDATE
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Charging Stations - Provide plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging stations at Central Park-n-Ride. – NO UPDATE
  • Replace HID Lighting with LED - Replace HID lighting with LED at Nine-Mile and Wagon Rd. in 2016. – NO UPDATE

St. John's Episcopal, Anne Butterfield - COMPLETE

St. John's Solar LLC - Form an LLC to invest in a 25kw array and sell power to St John; investors get the tax credits; church saves on power.

State of Colorado – IN PROGRESS

EV Wired Workplaces - In 2016, CEO will focus its workplace charging initiative on state agencies, spurring an increase in both the number of employees that own an electric vehicle and number of electric vehicles in the state's fleet.

Unico Properties - COMPLETE

LEED, Energy Star 2030, and Solar - LEED certify all new development, benchmark 100% of our portfolio, try to achieve the goals of the Denver 2030 district, and install at least 1 MW of solar in the metro area through our PPA. —

Xcel Energy

  • Energy Efficiency Savings - Xcel Energy commits to continuing its pursuit of aggressive energy efficiency savings in customer’s homes and businesses in an effort to expand our DSM portfolio, with the intent to add new, cost-effective customer choice programs in future DSM filings. - COMPLETE
  • National Western Center Energy Goals - We commit to assisting the Center in developing, setting, and achieving goals for net zero energy. We will work closely with all of the partners on the project and surrounding neighborhoods to develop the best energy services to meet their low carbon goals. – IN PROGRESS

Xcel Energy and Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) - COMPLETE

Transportation Electrification - We commit to assisting the City of Denver and local transit agencies with working toward the successful adoption of electric vehicles (particularly buses) through coordinated planning for providing energy services for vehicle charging.

Alliance for a Sustainable Colorado, Snooze an A.M. Eatery - COMPLETE

Earth Day Recycle Almost Anything Fair - Plan an Earth Day recycling fair to serve both as a drop off location for hard to recycle items and as an educational arena to learn how and where to donate, repurpose or recycle almost anything.

City & County of Denver Arts and Venues – IN PROGRESS

Waste Management - We will take on several initiatives that we believe will increase our diversion including: pairing all landfill containers with recycling bins, clearly labeling all bins, expanding glass recycling collection at venues, installing compactors rather than dumpsters to help more accurately track metrics, and continual training of venue staff.  To help reduce waste we plan to create sustainable procurement guides for staff and major suppliers.

City & County of Denver Attorney's Office – IN PROGRESS

Sustainability Education - Committing to develop educational/training opportunities about various methodologies and programs in recycling and composting for city attorney employees (~200) by educating 50 people per quarter.

City & County of Denver Excise & Licenses – IN PROGRESS

1st Paperless License - Issue the first ever paperless license for short term rentals.

City & County of Denver Public Works - Solid Waste Management

  • New Recycling Route - Add recycling route to accommodate increased participation in the residential recycling program, 1-2% increase in total waste diversion by SWM. - COMPLETE
  • Trash Cart Service Expansion - Transition 30,000 additional homes to cart-based trash service in 2016 to drive sustainability and improve neighborhood cleanliness. – COMPLETE

City & County of Denver Public Works - Solid Waste Management, Denver Public Library

  • Recycle CD's & DVD's from the Library - Recycle a minimum of 100 pounds of unwanted CD's and DVD's from the Library System collection by utilizing City on-call contracted services that would otherwise end up in a landfill. - COMPLETE
  • Adding Composting & Expanded Recycling to 3 Denver Libraries - Educate visitors about composting/recycling. Add new waste stations and weekly compost collections. – IN PROGRESS
  • Compost Expansion - Add three more composting routes in 2016 to make the program accessible to more people and to divert more organic materials from the landfill to create compost. – IN PROGRESS

City & County of Denver Sheriff Department – IN PROGRESS

Waste Audit & 50% Diversion Rate - Conduct a waste audit of all the organization's waste and target and track a 50% diversion rate through reduced use of disposable items, recycling, and composting (where available).

Eco-Cycle, Inc. – IN PROGRESS

Building Support for More Aggressive Zero-Waste Policies - Eco-Cycle will commit to creating a working group of businesses and nonprofits with the goal of building support for Denver's adoption of policies to increase both residential and commercial recycling and composting.  (EG, Universal Commercial Recycling Ordinance, Pay as you throw trash price structuring)

GH Phipps Construction Companies - COMPLETE

Project Recycling - Reduce the amount of construction waste sent to the landfill by increasing their recycling efforts on projects in the City of Denver.

Momentum Recycling – IN PROGRESS

Momentum Recycling Glass Processing Facility - Open a glass processing facility to process 3,500-4,500 tons/mo. of glass bottles into glass cullet to be recycled into glass bottle production. – IN PROGRESS

Decrease in Non-Renewable Materials - Educate and inspire individuals to take steps towards more sustainable living through blog posts, challenges, website resources, and apps. 

Boulder Nissan - COMPLETE

Electric Vehicle Expansion - Discount Nissan LEAFs by $5,000 off MSRP for as long as current funding is available and discount further as and when further rebates occur.

City & County of Denver Human Resources - IN PROGRESS

Employee EcoPAdd Marketing - Increase marketing throughout 2016 to City and County of Denver employees to promote the EcoPass and drive down employee usage of single occupancy vehicles and increase transit utilization.

City & County of Denver Public Works

Vision Zero

  • Plan and initiate infrastructure to provide safe pedestrian access throughout the City, including installing enhanced crosswalks, wayfinding signage, pedestrian activated signals and audible pedestrian signals. - COMPLETE
  • Complete preliminary engineering work to further efforts toward implementation of Bus Rapid Transit on East Colfax. – IN PORGRESS
  • Develop an action plan and citywide, multi-departmental approach to achieve Vision Zero, which seeks a goal of zero traffic related deaths or serious injuries for all transportation user types and modes. – IN PROGRESS

City & County of Denver Department of Public Works - Fleet Management Division and City & County of Denver Parks Department – IN PROGRESS

Installation of GPS and Telematics on the Cities PWs and Parks Light Duty Fleet - Install GPS and Telematics on a minimum of 200 vehicles in the City's Public Works and Parks Light Duty Fleets as part of thier overall commitment to reduce vehicle emission through the use of vehicle monitoring devices that measure idling, driver behavior, location and status of vehicles.

Jan 2016- select vendor
Feb 2016: install on vehicles
Mar/Apr: train operators and key stakeholders
May/continuous: monitor vehicle idling and driver behavior

Monthly: Produce high idle reports and Identify unsafe driving behavior, reduce unsafe driving and idling through education and coaching of operators.

City & County of Denver Office of Economic Development - IN PROGRESS

Guiding Workforce Customers to Non-SOV Options - Denver’s Office of Economic Development will begin providing trainees with access to information about RTD transportation services through tools like fliers, posters and other information that can be displayed in Workforce Centers. It will also add a link to RTD on Resource Center computers and assist customers in accessing that information. It will also track transportation support provided to program participants.

City & County of Denver Office of Sustainability, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Rutt Bridges - COMPLETE

Make Denver a Leading Candidate for Autonomous Vehicle commercialization - RMI will work with Rutt Bridges (and other AV experts), the City and County of Denver (CCD), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and RTD to lower legal and regulatory barriers to autonomous vehicles (AVs), identify infrastructure needs and develop potential business and financial models for AV deployment. The output will be a roadmap to successful AV commercialization in Denver.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Walk Denver, Transit Alliance, eGo Car Share - COMPLETE

Live. Ride. Share Summit, May 17th 2016 - We hold a regional convening on sharing economy to expand innovations in mobility and community design. Our objective is to accelerate the cultural shift and empower decision-makers to enact bold policies and investments.

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), Transportation Solutions, South Denver Economic Development Partnership, City & County of Denver Office of Sustainability, Denver Regional Council of Governments - COMPLETE

Develop and Launch New Non-SOV, Employer-Based Commuting Services - RMI will work with Transportation Management Associations, the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), the CCD, and RTD to launch new commuting solutions for Denver region employers. These solutions will incent employees to commute using means other than driving alone. The cost and effectiveness of these solutions will be documented to aid in expanding their adoption by other employers in the future.

Sierra Club - Rocky Mountain Chapter - IN PROGRESS

Reduce Carbon & Emissions in Transportation Sector - The Sierra club will oppose projects that tend to work against the goal of reducing the carbon and emissions in the transportation sector and will encourage the adoption and integration of alternative no- and low-carbon transportation modes such as alternative modes of transporations (walking, biking, and transit) and the electrification of the transporation sector.

Transportation Solutions - IN PROGRESS

Transportation as a Service - Creating the First/Last Mile Connection through Shared Use of Demand Responsive Transportation Services - Develop a demonstration project, engaging at least three employers from the Colorado Blvd. corridor,  with the goal of utilizing shared demand responsive transportation services such as  Lyft Carpool and Uber Carpool for the first/last mile connector to and from the Colorado light rail station.

Walk Denver – IN PROGRESS

Denver Sidewalk Policy - WalkDenver will demonstrate the need for investment in sidewalk infrastructure in Denver, the importance of sidewalks to residents’ quality of life, and the need for dedicated funding for building new sidewalks where they are currently lacking, upgrading substandard sidewalks, and repairing broken sidewalks.

WalkDenver, BikeDenver, Mayor's Bicycle Advisory Committee, Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC), Mayor's Pedestrian Advisory Committee – IN PROGRESS

Vision Zero Coalition - We will establish a community-based Vision Zero Coalition, working to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. The Coalition will help inform and advocate for swift, complete and equitable implementation of Vision Zero projects and policies in order to end all traffic deaths and serious injuries in Denver.

City & County of Denver Community Planning and Development, City & County of Denver Department of Environmental Health, City & County of Denver Office of Sustainability - COMPLETE

Implement Graywater Program - Introduce an ordinance to allow the use of graywater and implement a program to encourage its use.  

City & County of Denver Parks and Recreation – IN PROGRESS

Median Horticulture and Renovation Standards and Conversion of Medians to reduced water landscape and irrigation - Conversion of five - seven existing medians with historically high water use to landscapes with reduced water demand (15 gpsf ) and efficient irrigation, which will help Parks achieve the overall goal of 18 GPSF for Parks’ overall  irrigation.

City & County of Denver Public Works – IN PROGRESS

Water Quality Swimmable & Fishable Goal - The PP&S Group, along with internal & external stakeholders, will develop a public education and outreach strategy along with several demonstration projects to build awareness and branding for water quality efforts in 2016.  The commitment includes rolling out Denver’s first Ultra-Urban Green Infrastructure Guide that details new water quality features suitable for Denver’s urban environment in early 2016 and starting construction on two demonstration projects including Brighton Blvd and Central Denver Rec Center. 

City & County of Denver Public Works, Earth Force

  • Tours for Teachers and Students of New Green Infrastructure at Joe Shoemaker School - The new Joe Shoemaker School opened in August to nearly 500 Denver students.  The school focuses on environmental science.  Its campus on Cherry Creek features a 1.5-acre green infrastructure facility that will treat about 1 million gallons of stormwater each year.  It was also designed to serve as an outdoor learning laboratory. – IN PROGRESS
  • Keep It Clean -- Neighborhood Environmental Trios" K-12 Education Program - Denver Public Works and Earth Force will expand KIC-NET (Keep It Clean – Neighborhood Environmental Trios), a hyperlocal urban watershed education program, to 10 more schools in 2016. KIC-NET was created with the City and County of Denver Public Works Department, leveraging the city’s Keep It Clean initiative to better meet STEM needs of public education, while contributing to the city's system of storm water management. – IN PROGRESS

Colorado Foundation for Water Education - COMPLETE

Update Citizen's Guide to Water Conservation - Help produce and publish the second edition of the citizen's guide to water conservation

Denver Public Schools, Denver Water – IN PROGRESS

DPS Water Management Plan - DPS and DW will establish a team to develop and implement a water management plan for DPS.  The team will develop target water use goals for each site, track water, use, communicate the water use to responsible parties, and to work to develop programs to  reduce inefficiencies. The team will also look for opportunities where alternative water sources could supply water for irrigation.

Denver Trout Unlimited, City & County of Denver Public Works - COMPLETE

South Platte Wet Weather Water Quality Sampling - Provide volunteers and funding to acquire water quality samples of the South Platte through Denver, Colorado during storm events to better understand variations in water quality from dry and wet storm events.

Denver Trout Unlimited, Colorado Trout Unlimited, City & County of Denver Public Works - COMPLETE

Full Year Water Temperature Monitoring for the Denver South Platte - We commit to understand the temperature of South Platte through Denver, CO to better determine thermally suitable fish habitats, temperature effects of the in stream and riparian improvements, and the impact of stormwater on stream temperature through the purchase of temperature monitoring devices and monitoring of data.  We will share the data with interested parties. 

Denver Urban Gardens, Denver Water – IN PROGRESS

DUG Garden Efficiency - DUG and Denver Water will develop water use targets for each DUG garden currently metered and track the water use.  Together we will explore the options to add meters to new garden sites developed in the future and develop a communication plan to promote the efficiency of vegetable gardens in terms of water use and the installation of vegetable gardens as a water efficient landscape option.

Denver Water

  • Metering New Build Small Multi-Family Residential - Denver Water is developing the means to meter dense development residential products customers on one meter to one unit basis.  This effort supports the 2020 water quantity goal by providing feedback through the water bill on water use.  Analysis shows an expected savings of up to 25% less water use per unit when compared to similar units not individually metered. – IN PROGRESS
  • Increase Single Family Residential Efficiency Letters - Denver Water commits to double our current pilot program of sending letters to customers showing their current outdoor water use compared to their neighbors by providing over 18,000 single family residential customers in Denver customized reports on outdoor water use. Research shows about a five percent reduction in water use from this effort. – IN PROGRESS

The Greenway Foundation, The Water Connection

  • Environmental Storage Pool in Chatfield Reservoir - Pursue multiple funding partners to provide funding to CCWCD to purchase up to 3000 acre feet of the Chatfield reallocation pool currently owned by the state of CO for environmental, recreation, and irrigation benefits. – IN PROGRESS
  • Clean River Design Challenge - In partnership with MSU Denver, OWOW, and the Rose Community Foundation, oversee design contest for creation of five trash removal prototype devices to be tested on Cherry Creek in Lodo in April 2016. - COMPLETE

Groundwork Denver – IN PROGRESS

Bear Creek Water Quality Testing - We will collect and analyze monthly water samples in Bear Creek (with partners at Metro State University and EPA) to identify the sources of E. Coli and develop strategies to reduce it.



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