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The Office of Human Resources Leave Team and the Payroll Division Leave Team work together to serve employees for leaves of absence. For those departments and agencies that the Office of Human Resources (OHR) serves, OHR is the first point of contact for employees and supervisors when requesting a leave of absence. When this is the case, case OHR will prepare the necessary paperwork for certification and approval based on the type of leave. Once the approval is received the information is then forwarded to the Payroll Division for servicing. For departments and agencies not served by OHR, the Payroll Division is responsible for processing the leave from the first request.

The Payroll Leave Team will discuss, with the employee, what to expect during their leave and what they need to do and provide. This will be done in conjunction with OHR, as applicable.

  • Verify the employee’s eligibility for the type of leave requested
  • Set up leave calendar to determine how much time is to be taken
  • Discuss STD, if applicable
  • Verify accrual balances
  • Discuss donated time, if needed
  • Discuss WC if employee is under salary continuation vs 66 2/3% covered by State of Colorado and medical-only claims
  • Discuss benefits and other deductions that may need to be covered while they are out on leave

The OHR Leave Team will complete the Standard Insurance Company – Employer Statement with Job Description for those agencies they support; the Payroll Division will complete for all others.

Read on for more information on different long-term leave situations.

The Payroll Leave Team will contact the employee to discuss the accrued paid leave usage during the continuous leave and create a calendar. Once the calendar of accrued paid time, unpaid time and/or Worker's Compensation is agreed upon a copy of the calendar goes to the employee, the supervisor/manager and OHR. Entries are made into Kronos by the Payroll Leave Team and the supervisor is responsible for verifying and approving the timecard.  If changes are necessary, the Supervisor and/or OHR must notify the Payroll Leave Team to update the calendar. If the leave is approved to for intermittent usage, the supervisor or OHR must notify the Payroll Leave Team of the date, time, type of accrued time and number of hours to be used.

Follow the OHR Leave Team's procedure for intemittent leave. The Payroll Leave Team will code the time-off as appropriate Leave Type.

For Workers' Comp doctor's appointment, submit the appointment slip to the Payroll Leave Team.

The employee or the supervisor must submit a military order to the Payroll Leave Team as soon as possible.

Contact the leave team at 720-913-5186 option 2 for questions about other types of extended leave, including medical disqualification.