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The maximum sick bank for a CS employee is 960 hours; however, employees have the ability to re-bank the sick hours from 880 to 960 into their vacation bank. 

Employees must have the space available in the vacation bank in order to do this:
  • 0 – 10 years service = 288 maximum vacation hours
  • 10+ years of service = 336 maximum vacation hours
To check if you are eligible to convert sick to vacation, please read CS Rule 10 page 7.

Using sick to vacation is a two step process:

Step 1

Submit a Time Off Request using Vacation Used as the Request Type.

Step 2

Send a  Time & Attendance Change Form to  with the amount of sick you would like to rebank as vacation. Sick to Vacation can not be converted if the vacation balance is at max.  If you are at max for vacation the Sick to Vacation rebank cannot occur until after the actual vacation time has been taken and the vacation balance has been reduced.

To process a sick to vacation rebank request, the Controller's Office, Payroll Division takes accrued sick time out of your sick bank, and puts it in your vacation bank.

DROP Participants

If you are a member of the DROP program, please review guidelines for converting sick to vacation.



Controller's Office, Payroll Division

720-913-5186 phone

720-913-5249 fax